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Lessons for the Conservatives?
Edward Ashbee

defeated, gaining only 41.4 per cent of the vote. The religious right For much of the 1980s and 1990s, the religious (or Christian) right was an important and integral component of the US conservative movement. Spurred into the political arena by developments such as the shift in women’s social and economic roles, the secularisation of education, successive Supreme Court rulings (particularly Roe v. Wade) and the emergence of the ‘gay lobby’, evangelical Christians sought the adoption of policies structured around moral traditionalism and family values. In particular

in The Conservatives in Crisis
Obama’s legacy in US China Policy
Peter Gries

low profile to a new policy of speaking and acting loudly. History is likely to judge the Obama years as the period when China regained its position as the major power in Asia. Towards the end of the Obama administration, a fundamental rethinking of US engagement policy of China was well underway. 41 A China policy under Trump? During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump blamed China for a variety of American woes, from its trade deficit to unemployment. This was a winning strategy in the Republican Party primaries, as cultural (Christian right), economic

in The United States in the Indo-Pacific
Suzanne Conklin Akbari

, but what might be called a categorical immortality. Arabas is dead, but ‘the Sultan’ continues to rule the Saracens and harry the Christians, for as soon as Arabas’ death is known, ‘the Sarazenes crouned sir Garsy’ MUP_McDonald_02_Ch1 30 11/18/03, 16:57 Siege of Melayne 31 (491). Without missing a beat, the interminable conflict of pagan wrong and Christian right marches on. The exclusion of conversion in the Siege of Melayne distinguishes it sharply from the other Charlemagne romances conventionally associated with it. In texts of the Ferumbras group, following

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