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Welfare reform and the ‘Third Way’ politics of New Labour and the New Democrats
Stephen Driver

commitments to social justice, because labour force attachment strategies reinforce labour market divisions, especially for the low-paid. 20 In the UK, the USA and elsewhere, the ‘welfare state’ is giving way to the ‘workfare state’. Any possibility of the Labour Government delivering on the traditional objectives of the Left has been lost. Is ‘work first’ making it

in The Third Way and beyond
Armando Barrientos and Martin Powell

. In conclusion, Green-Pedersen et al . 89 stated that the policy elements in the Netherlands closely match those outlined in the Blair–Schröder document. To some extent, the Netherlands has been practising the ‘Third Way’ for some years. Finally, Sweden has long been at the forefront of left-of-centre thinking in labour market policy: ‘workfare

in The Third Way and beyond
Dimitris Tsarouhas

employment constituted the main campaign issue was unable to avert defeat, handing over power to a resurgent centre-right coalition, the ‘Alliance for Sweden’. The new government was soon marred by controversy, and the initial honeymoon usually afforded by voters to incumbent governments vanished. The government’s main problem has been its welfare reform programme, not least its changes in the unemployment insurance scheme. Adopting a workfare approach to welfare and claiming to defend the welfare state, the government maintains that its reforms merely aim at making

in In search of social democracy
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Lessons for the Conservatives?
Edward Ashbee

leading Conservatives were again prepared to look across the Atlantic. Iain Duncan Smith visited the US in early December 2001. His engagements included a meeting with George Pataki, governor of New York state. On his return, Duncan Smith commended Pataki’s efforts in reforming welfare provision through workfare whereby recipients work in return for public assistance. He also paid tribute to the Republican Party’s presidential campaign: Yet Bush turned the Clinton–Blair tide and a center right renaissance now crackles through the autumnal air in Washington. He did it by

in The Conservatives in Crisis
Towards a third way and back?
Hartwig Pautz

) ‘From the Keynesian welfare to the Schumpeterian workfare state’, Lancaster Regionalism Group, Working Paper 45, University of Lancaster. Kölbe, T. (1987) ‘Trade unionists, party activists and politicians: the struggle for power over party rules in the Labour Party and the West German SPD’, Comparative Politics, 19 (4). Lafontaine, O. and Schröder, G. (1998) (eds), Innovation für Deutschland (Göttingen: Steidl). Lafontaine, O. (1998) untitled contribution in O. Lafontaine and G. Schröder (eds), Innovation für Deutschland (Göttingen: Steidl). Lees, C. (2000) The Red

in In search of social democracy