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Borders, ticking clocks and timelessness among temporary labour migrants in Israel

, Mark and Wendy Smits (2006) ‘The persistence of the standardized life cycle’, Time and Society, 15(2/3): 303–326. Foner, Nancy (1979) ‘West Indians in New York City and London: a comparative analysis’, International Migration Review, 13: 284–297. Gabaccia, R. Donna (2000) Italy’s Many Diasporas (Global Diasporas). London: Routledge. Gelfand, Donald (1989) ‘Immigration, aging, and intergenerational relationships’, The Gerontologist, 29(3): 366–372. Giddens, Anthony (1990) The Consequences of Modernity. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Goren, Yuval (2014) ‘Will

in Migrating borders and moving times
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-level statistics from the 2011 census show that 90 per cent of Cheadle Hulme residents, 82 per cent of Chorlton residents and 48 per cent of Whalley Range residents were white. This compares with the Manchester average of 67 per cent white. Thirty-one per cent of Whalley Range residents were Asian/British and 10 per cent Black/ Black British. International migration also figures more strongly in Whalley Range, where 26 per cent of the population were born outside the United Kingdom or EU, compared to 9 per cent of those from Chorlton and 7 per cent from Cheadle Hulme.4 In terms

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Lessons for critical security studies?

. Lyon, D., 2006. ‘Airport Screening, Surveillance, and Social Sorting: Canadian Responses to 9/11 in Context’, Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48(3): 397–411. Massey, D. S., J. Arango, G. Hugo, A. Kouaouci, and A. Pellegrino, 1998. Worlds in Motion: Understanding International Migration at the End of the Millennium , Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Time and space in family migrant networks between Kosovo and western Europe

:// pdf/esi_document_id_80.pdf. Accessed 2 August 2016. Leutloff-Grandits, Carolin and Robert Pichler (2014) ‘Areas blurred: Albanian migration and the establishment of translocal spaces’, in Harald Heppner and Christian Promitzer (eds), Southeast European Studies in a Globalizing World, Münster: LIT. Levitt, Peggy (1998) ‘Social remittances: migration driven local-level forms of cultural diffusion’, International Migration Review, 32(4): 926–948. Levitt, Peggy and Nina Glick Schiller (2004) ‘Conceptualizing simultaneity: a transnational social field perspective on

in Migrating borders and moving times
Public presence, discourse, and migrants as threat

-of-the-assembly-of-migrant-hunger-strikers/ (accessed 19 September 2015). Tapinos, G., 1999. ‘Clandestine Immigration: Economic and Political Issues’, in OECD/SOPEMI, Trends in International Migration , Paris: OECD Publications, pp. 229–51. Triandafyllidou, A., 2009. ‘Greek Immigration Policy at the Turn of the 21st Century. Lack of Political Will or Purposeful Mismanagement?’, European Journal of

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an Emigration Context .” New York University Law Review 81 : 11–58 . Bauböck , Rainer . 2003 . “ Towards a Political Theory of Migrant Transnationalism .” International Migration Review 37 ( 3 ): 700–723 . Bauböck , Rainer . 2007 . “ Stakeholder Citizenship and Transnational Political Participation .” Fordham Law Review 75 : 2393–2447 . Bauböck

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NNAI CSO/26/06285 vol. I 11 NNAI CSO/26/03028 vol. IV 12 Oscar Gish, ‘Colour and Skill: British Immigration, 1955–68’, International Migration Review , 3, 1968 , pp. 19

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‘Locals’ and ‘Moroccans’ in the Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux vineyards

identity, a phenomenon with multiple dimensions: certainly geographical, but also historical, cultural, symbolic, and maybe even poetical. In this chapter, we will mention, in addition to those who call themselves native, not only the peoples who came mainly from Morocco to work as farm workers in some of the Bordeaux vineyards in the 1960s and 1970s, but also those from Tunisia or Algeria. These workers settled there, and their families remain to this day. It is interesting to note that in the field of interethnic relations and international migration, the countryside

in Alternative countrysides

Refugee Policy’. Haaretz , 30 August 2007. Yaron, H., N. Hashimshony-Yaffe, and J. Campbell, 2013. ‘“Infiltrators” or Refugees? An Analysis of Israel’s Policy Towards African Asylum-Seekers’, International Migration 51(4): 144–57.

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Negotiating sovereign claims in Oaxacan post-mortem repatriation

, ‘Los Olvidados Become Heroes: The Evolution of Mexico’s Policies towards Citizens Abroad’, in E. Østergaard-Nielsen (ed.), International Migration and Sending Countries: Perceptions, Policies and Transnational Relations, pp. 33–56 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan). Metcalf, P. and R. Huntington, 1991, Celebrations of Death: The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual, 2nd edn (New York: Cambridge University Press). Moore, J., 1970, ‘The Death Culture of Mexico and Mexican-Americans’, Omega: Journal of Death and Dying 1(3): 271–91. Nuijten, M., 2004, ‘Between Fear and Fantasy

in Governing the dead