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Surveillance and transgender bodies in a post-9/ 11 era of neoliberalism
Christine Quinan

‘bad’ (or deviant) citizen/subject actually defines the conditions of possibility of the ‘good’ (or normative) citizen/subject. In this process, certain once-outcast identities have been seduced by the neoliberal economy and assimilated into normative notions of belonging. For example, regarding the notion of sexual citizenship, David Bell and Jon Binnie ( 2000 : 204) discuss how gay and lesbian rights

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Cardboard publishers in Latin America
Lucy Bell

cartoneras conceals a wide range of different aims – literary, social, cultural, political and economic. A number of affinities, however, tend to unite them: the resistance to large commercial publishers that follow the logic of the capitalist, neoliberal economy; the desire to circulate the works of younger, lesser-known, more avantgarde authors; the need to reach a wider and different public in countries where books are very expensive and reading is often regarded as the activity of the ‘privileged few’. Though many cartonera organisations collect the recycled materials

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