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, constitutes an important way the Mavericks understand their own embodied black sporting masculinities. Important for this study is also the increasing migration of South Asians to Toronto including areas such as Peel Region, with more wealth and political power than black groups who have been there for decades. The more recent decline of the Windies and improvement of South Asian teams in international

in Sport in the Black Atlantic

documents can all tell a story about the region. This chapter seeks to highlight how these representations of the region –​ or the way in which circumpolar policy issues are framed by narrative and images –​are a manifestation of and serve to shape power relations in the region. Consider the selection of the three maps in Figures 4–​6 as an illustration of the various ways of representing the region. Figure 4 illustrates the bird migration routes connecting one nesting ground in Arctic Alaska with populations around the world. Like the ice-​locked whales discussed in

in Arctic governance
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Uses and critiques of ‘civilisation’

and in its ‘War on Terror’. Third, the growth in complexity of migration strained mono-​cultural conceptions of nationality previously prevalent in nation-​states (Castles et  al., 2014). Policies of multiculturalism that have taken their place presuppose a mixed demography and intermingling religions and civilisations. Furthermore, they are premised on continuing diversification. Multiculturalism is fragile and periodically beset by xenophobic reaction. Plurality is undeniable, however, and it is evident not only within states, but in the international arena. The

in Debating civilisations
The short history of Indian doctors in the Colonial Medical Service, British East Africa

similar to those of Europeans in Africa posed a threat to British ideas of colonial hegemony. Indians, migration and medicine The migration of Indians to East Africa has been the subject of much scholarly attention, although no work has concentrated upon medical migration per se. 9 Between 1900 and 1948, more than 150,000 Indians settled in the East African colonies, although this

in Beyond the state
What contribution to regional security?

such as trafficking in people, migration, organised crime and social rights on the regional agenda. The BSEC has thus kept open channels of dialogue that could be important for emergency situations, fostered the accumulation of shared knowledge, and contributed to confidence building among its members.21 It aims to undertake projects and identify issues which provide the opportunity for increasing confidence and reduce the risk of conflict. However, BSEC interventions are always in non-military issues. Interventions in the fields of energy, transport and

in Limiting institutions?
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Potentials of disorder in the Caucasus and Yugoslavia

Roma Montenegrin (03) (02) (82) (10) (03) (02) (01) Notes a The figures are, unless otherwise indicated, from the census of 1989 (Goskomstat 1991). They do not reflect the considerable migration flows, particular in Chechnya (Russians, leaving for Russia, Chechen refugees to Ingushetia or Russia), Abkhazia (Georgians, fleeing or forced to leave) and South-Ossetia (refugees, mainly leaving for North-Ossetia). b Exact figures are available only for the Chechen-Ingushetian Republic, which split into two republics in 1992. Figures are based on the authors’ estimates. c

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Surveillance and transgender bodies in a post-9/ 11 era of neoliberalism

: In these contours of citizenship, belonging, and migration, how do … borders themselves deterritorialize and reterritorialize us? Certainly, the borders of gender have a lot in common with those of home: both police ‘spaces where those who do not ‘belong’ are separated from those who do.’ [Aizura] Bathrooms and border crossings are both equally invested

in Security/ Mobility
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on Miller's account. Instead, the general duty to justify coercive migration control is enhanced by special responsibilities of states for particular migrants and by those migrants’ vulnerability. Where the responsibility and vulnerability is strong, migrants’ lives are indeed being shaped by a decision to turn them away and they are actually rather than just potentially dominated by the legal system of the country they are trying to enter

in Democratic inclusion
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Irish drama since 1990

attitudes in this debate reveal how globalisation has involved more than an accelerated process of commodification in the cultural sphere. As a result of the development of mass media, telecommunications, computer technology and the upsurge in migration, traditional senses of national identity based on race and place have been 9780719075636_4_003.qxd 16/2/09 9:24 AM Page 45 Home places 45 rendered problematic.7 What then does this mean for Irish drama? In an article in an Irish Theatre Magazine series assessing the state of Irish theatre in 2003, Scottish theatre

in Irish literature since 1990
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Fateful splitting in the Victorian insanity trial

to the critical element of voluntariness, again said to be missing. Moral insanity had made its conspicuous courtroom debut in medical testimony during the trial of Edward Oxford, prosecuted in 1840 for an unmotivated, unprovoked, indeed seemingly indifferent attack on Queen Victoria. As Oxford informed one of the medical witnesses who visited him prior to the trial, ‘Oh, I might as well shoot at her as any body else.’11 For present purposes, moral insanity marked the first true migration of insanity from neighbour’s fact to medical witness’s opinion. Lay people

in Domestic and international trials, 1700–2000