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Valérie Gorin

exactly what happened to refugees at sea who drown. That kind of evidence is powerful as an advocacy tool, but it is also used in court. MD: The access campaign was essentially about shaming and making people feel guilty about what they do, the profit margins in the pharmaceutical market. It had a logic, like removing a law. What’s interesting in some of that naming and shaming is that it’s a way of getting people to act in certain ways. I heard feedback from someone who was passing on to me information that he had heard directly from high level Sudanese for that

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Politics of ‘Proximity’ and Performing Humanitarianism in Eastern DRC
Myfanwy James

need for operational ‘proximity’ to, as well as performative distance from, everyday social and political dynamics. Background MSF in North Kivu In North Kivu, international aid organisations installed themselves en masse after the influx of Rwandan refugees in 1994. The urban landscape of its capital, Goma, has been dramatically reshaped in consequence, while a range of NGOs have established projects in rural areas. The medical humanitarian organisation, MSF, has a long history in the region, having opened its first project in DRC in 1977. Today, three

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Congolese Experience
Justine Brabant

both the need to be ‘where it’s happening’ (whether a refugee camp, the scene of killings or an Ebola treatment centre) and the need to limit the financial cost of such travel. Access problems are not unique to the DRC. ‘If, as a journalist, I want to know more of what is going on inside Angola or Sudan – because I smell a good story – I have no alternative but to draw on the resources of an aid organisation involved,’ noted William F. (Bill) Deedes, a

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Arjun Claire

to resist or change social or political wrong through either ‘contained or transgressive tactics, excluding political violence’ (Global Activism, Ruth Reitan, 2007). 2 Re-assertion of state sovereignty was also linked to the fact that pre-1989 MSF often worked on the margins of conflicts/refugees, as opposed to directly inside, thus bringing our public critiques and

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Uses and Misuses of International Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian Principles
Rony Brauman

, education, etc.), situational (refugees, IDPs, armed conflict, or natural disasters) and others. Is it more impartial, in an armed conflict, to operate on the war-wounded than to offer dialysis to people in renal failure who cannot get it due to the circumstances? To provide care in an abandoned psychiatric hospital rather than clean drinking water to a neighbourhood? To take an interest in people wounded in war and turn our backs on those injured in another way? To care for

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Military Tactic or Collateral Damage?
Abdulkarim Ekzayez and Ammar Sabouni

. Context The Syrian conflict provides a vital context in which we can explore issues related to extreme violence and mass atrocities. As the conflict enters its ninth year, out of a population of 17.5 million in 2020, 13.2 million Syrians are in need of health assistance. Displacement continues to be a major challenge for the country with 5.6 million refugees and 6.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) according to UNHCR as of April 2019 ( Humanitarian Needs Overview, 2019 ). The conflict has caused a severe disruption in health services leading to a collapse

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Four Decisive Challenges Confronting Humanitarian Innovation
Gerard Finnigan and Otto Farkas

Emergencies and Refugee Situations ’, Annual Review of Public Health , 18 : 1 , 283 – 312 , doi: 10.1146/annurev.publhealth.18.1.283 . UNDESA ( 2014 ), 2014 Revision. World Urbanization Prospects , (accessed 7 January 2020) . UNHCR

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Megan Daigle, Sarah Martin, and Henri Myrttinen

), Duty of Care: A Review of the Dennis v. Norwegian Refugee Council Ruling and its Implications ( London : EISF ). Mynster Christensen , M. ( 2015 ), ‘ The Underbelly of Global Security: Sierra Leonean Ex-Militias in Iraq ’, African Affairs , 115 : 458 , 23 – 43 . Namubiru

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Expanding Gender Norms to Marriage Drivers Facing Boys and Men in South Sudan
Michelle Lokot, Lisa DiPangrazio, Dorcas Acen, Veronica Gatpan, and Ronald Apunyo

Journeys, Nuer Lives: Sudanese Refugees in Minnesota ( Boston, MA : Allyn & Bacon ). Hove , M. and Ndawana , E. ( 2017 ), ‘ Women’s Rights in Jeopardy: The Case of War-Torn South Sudan ’, SAGE Open , 1 – 13 , doi: 10.1177/2158244017737355 . Hudson , V. M. and Matfess , H. ( 2017 ), ‘ In Plain Sight: The Neglected Linkage between Brideprice and Violent Conflict ’, International Security , 42 : 1 , 7 – 40 . Huser , C. ( 2018 ), Conflict and Gender Study – South Sudan: Addressing Root Causes Programme , www

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs