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liberal humanitarian institutions, which have depended on the financial and political capital of the US. Far from promoting a final and permanent peace, the new security strategy situates the US in an inter-state system in which war is possible at any time, in any location, with any rival, enemy or former ally. How might we explain this apparent shift in American strategy? A growing number of analysts, particularly North Americans, consider that we are seeing the end of the post-war liberal order. And they attribute liberal crisis to two fundamental factors

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Model for Historical Reflection in the Humanitarian Sector

Introduction In October 2016 the New York Review of Books published an article by International Rescue Committee President David Miliband titled ‘The Best Ways to Deal with the Refugee Crisis’. It began with a predictable target. US Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims about a ‘tremendous flow’ of Syrian refugees making their way to North America were based in ‘myth, not fact’, Miliband wrote ( Miliband, 2016 ). Not only that: they also openly belittled the

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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‘If they treat the Indians humanely, all will be well’

courts of justice and not invalidated because their customs prevented them from taking an oath. The model laws had a particular relevance in British North America where Governor-General Lord Sydenham was being asked to advise on future relations between settlers and Indigenous people. He had few precedents to follow in undertaking this difficult task. To Indigenous peoples

in Equal subjects, unequal rights
On last animals and future bison

throughout nearly all of Asia and the Middle East, but are now found only in small pockets of territory, most notably in India, China and Russia, less than 10 per cent of their historical range. The wolf and grizzly bear used to range across almost all regions in Europe, Northern Asia and North America; almost no bears remain in Europe and the wolf has been eradicated in nearly all of its former territory in Europe and much of North America. How do we understand the condition of animals now that low populations and drastically diminished habitat ranges are the new norms

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as men and women of European origin appropriated Indigenous peoples’ lands in North America, southern Africa and Australasia. Imperial expansion to the 1830s The loss of the eastern Atlantic seaboard colonies that constituted the United States of America following the War of Independence posed merely a temporary setback to British imperial expansion. It did, however, mark a

in Equal subjects, unequal rights
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The clergy and emigration in practice

wayside.5 New immigrants, another priest warned, ‘mix with bad companions, who, if Irish, have already unlearned the teachings of their faith, and, if Americans, have no faith at all’.6 The children of emigrants, growing up in an atmosphere ‘impregnated with the spirit of “no religion”’, fared even worse, explained another clerical contributor to a leading Catholic journal.7 According to such warnings, neither did Irish emigrants always attain the more secure living they anticipated. In 1855 Canon Edmond Scully, a recent visitor to North America, informed readers of the

in Population, providence and empire
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‘“United action” in Continental politics’

ellen robinson 6 Ellen Robinson: ‘ “United action” in Continental politics’ 1 I n late 1894, Priscilla Peckover handed the Ladies’ Peace Auxiliary and the Local Peace Association movement over to Ellen Robinson, a fellow Quaker and long-standing colleague in the peace movement. Robinson reorganised the Auxiliary and renamed it the Peace Union, and began to work for the establishment of a union of women’s peace societies across Europe and North America. This union, despite the Peace Society’s reservations in relation to the IPB about linking itself with

in ‘The truest form of patriotism’
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the Federal Reserve than he actually felt in order to give him good standing when some of the options provided a partial way out. That is, of course exactly what happened. Just two days after Lehman filed for Chapter 11, Barclays announced that it would acquire Lehman Brothers North American investment banking and capital markets operations and supporting infrastructure. That included Lehman Brothers' New York headquarters and two data centres, all for $1.75bn, a price which the New York Times described as a ‘fire sale’ and which was much less than Lehman expected

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Dr Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People and the hybrid pathways of Chinese modernity

.01’ in 1890, 13 reportedly amassed a fortune of over £1.6 million after just sixteen years of marketing the pills. 14 Though it had become an object of contempt and a symbol of quackery in England and North America by the early twentieth century, the company existed until 1989. 15 According to an 1899 Illustrated London News advertisement, Dr Williams’ Pink Pills could cure a vast

in Progress and pathology

of funding to gain a better understanding of the changing character of British healthcare during this period. The question of whether a hospital could remain a charity whilst taking payments from patients, the recipients of that charity, is hard to separate from a wider historiographical debate in the social histories of medicine in Britain, Europe and North America, on whether the hospital had by now lost its social function. 52

in Payment and philanthropy in British healthcare, 1918–48