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Understanding the violence of the benevolent welfare state in Norway
Nerina Weiss

11 Nerina Weiss The trauma of waiting: understanding the violence of the benevolent welfare state in Norway Bisrat, a refugee from Eritrea, was granted asylum in Norway after a relatively short waiting period of ten months. However, it took another two years before he was settled in a municipality. Asked about how he experienced his time in the reception centre after he was granted asylum, Bisrat answered as follows: It completely changed my behaviour. It is difficult when you have to spend three years of your life waiting for something. It is a very expensive

in Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe
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Kinneret Lahad

7 Waiting and queuing The temporal construct of waiting is one of the predominant images associated with single women. The figure of the single woman waiting for coupledom and married life has become deeply embedded in conventional thinking about single women. The “What’s new?” genre of questions, the blessing Bekarov ezlech (“Soon at yours [wedding]!”), and promises like “By your wedding day you will feel better,”—discussed throughout this book—can be regarded as reflecting and endorsing this temporal imagery. They remind single women of their belated

in A table for one
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Kjell M. Torbiörn

6 Challenges in waiting Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day, And make me travel forth without my cloak, To let base clouds o’ertake me in my way, Hiding thy bravery in their rotten smoke? (Shakespeare)1 Summary While the Russian economy under its new leader, Boris Yeltsin, began to slide in the early 1990s as a result of an uncertain mix of change and standstill, economic reform in Central European transition countries started to bear fruit in the form of higher growth and adaptation to world markets. Military tensions diminished considerably with the

in Destination Europe
Rethinking Digital Divides by Linda Leung
Antonio Díaz Andrade

shares with the reader the experience of going through the severe security checks at detention centres, facing apprehensive asylum seekers waiting for their legal status to be resolved and meeting optimistic resettled individuals in Australia. In her interviews, Leung explores the emergent dynamic in the user–technology dyad that takes place in restrictive environments, such as detention centres. Having set the conceptual and methodological foundations of her work in the introductory part

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Emmanuelle Strub

to those questions. However, I did not wait until 2013 to start training the heads of mission in how to manage serious incidents. The aim was to help them know what to do without relying exclusively on support and guidance from headquarters, which would arrive late if at all. At the end of the day, the heads of mission and field coordinators would be on the front line, and it would be up to them to make the initial decisions. I relied on the EISF

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Congolese Experience
Justine Brabant

eagerly await the signs, the marks of a conflict – especially in the case of the Congo, where there are no demarcated fronts and the wait for such irruptions can be long – that when violence finally becomes perceptible, it is automatically connected to ‘the war’ and presented as some nebulous evidence. Such was the case when the media linked the attacks on the Ebola response teams in late 2018 to the armed conflict rocking the eastern Congo, when in fact they were carried out

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings and Lauren Harris

agriculture are subject to long waiting times, reducing humanitarian ability to respond to need in a timely fashion. The UN Country team reported 22 examples of delays to the UN Panel of Experts (PoE) in January 2019, with some activities being delayed by over nine months ( UN PoE, 2019 : 364–69). One interviewee explained that long processing times leave their organisation unable to be flexible and challenges their ability to serve the North Korean people because they need to plan about two and a half years in advance. OFAC licenses can take over a year, according to one

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Middle-Aged Syrian Women’s Contributions to Family Livelihoods during Protracted Displacement in Jordan
Dina Sidhva, Ann-Christin Zuntz, Ruba al Akash, Ayat Nashwan, and Areej Al-Majali

Books ). Hyndman , J. and Giles , W. ( 2011 ), ‘ Waiting for What? The Feminization of Asylum in Protracted Situations ’, Gender, Place & Culture , 18 : 3 , 361 – 79 . Jacobsen , K

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
From the Global to the Local
Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

of precarious employment and pension rights, they also expressed concerns regarding the lack of transparent and open communication throughout this period. One of my interviewees, a diligent UNRWA sanitation worker who commutes for three hours a day to keep UNRWA hospital rooms and operating theatres clean and functioning, explained that he has no email address, and therefore never receives UNRWA’s circulars. 22 As such, he waited longer than the above-cited teacher for the ‘revised’ message pertaining to employment and pension changes to

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Dispelling Misconceptions about Sexual Violence against Men and Boys in Conflict and Displacement
Heleen Touquet, Sarah Chynoweth, Sarah Martin, Chen Reis, Henri Myrttinen, Philipp Schulz, Lewis Turner, and David Duriesmith

work with men was undermined because men and boys felt unwelcome when asked, for example, to wait outside the boundaries of the space, in high temperatures, until the start of the workshops, in order to maintain it as a women and girls’ space as much as possible ( Fieldnotes, Jordan, 2016 ). In the field, gender-based violence practitioners have encountered colleagues who claim that women-only spaces are ‘discriminatory’ ( COFEM, 2017b : 7). While we strongly

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs