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Gordon Pirie

historic event would pass unnoticed in an age in which the miraculous had become commonplace. When a great corporation threw its lattice of airways over the world’s oldest continent, he thought it important to mark the occasion. The need was all the more in the gloomy days of war debts, sterile reparations and tumbling revenues. South Africa’s High Commissioner wondered, rather vaguely, what other

in Air empire
Learning from Māori curatorship pastand present
Conal McCarthy, Arapata Hakiwai, and Philipp Schorch

(post)colonial demands for moral redress, political concessions and legal reparations. While legitimate issues may exist with regard to the initial collection of material treasures and whether ethical limits were reached or exceeded, another, at least as important, conversation is whether the journey of these ancestral figures is indeed over.53 Backward-oriented provenance research alone – currently the main strategy of Euro-American institutions to pacify Indigenous claims – is not enough; even if it can be proved historically that so-called museum objects were not

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Re-reading Hannah Arendt to instil critical thought in the Colombian refugee crisis
Ulrich Oslender

where we see the positive purchase of extending Arendt's notion of banality as a condition that has been actively produced over time, and not something that is merely mundane or ordinary. The Court's Decree 005 of 2009 is a watershed in the breaking of this banality. One important result of the Court's intervention is the adoption of Law 1448 of 2011, also known as the Victims’ Law ( Ley de Víctimas y Restitución de Tierras ). It was passed with the aim of expanding government assistance and reparations to all eligible victims of the armed conflict

in Displacement
Andrew J. May

suzerainty, signing agreements that ceded their lands and judicial powers, paying monetary reparations and vowing to give the outlaw U Tirot Sing up to the British. 47 Governor General William Bentinck casually dismissed the ‘slight insurrections’ in the region. ‘The insurgents’, he reported to Lord Ellenborough, President of the EIC’s Board of Control, ‘are only armed with bows and

in Welsh missionaries and British imperialism
Mourning and melodrama in Para que no me olvides (2005) by Patricia Ferreira
Isolina Ballesteros

’ (Art. 3.2) and recognises the right to obtain a ‘Declaration of reparation and personal recognition’ (Art. 4.1), the Law also explicitly states that although this Declaration will be compatible with the reparations already contemplated, it ‘does not represent grounds for the recognition of the capital liability of the State nor of any Public Administration, nor will it produce any redress or

in Hispanic and Lusophone women filmmakers
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Claire Eldridge

, recognised and legitimated.40 This is reflected in the increased salience of concepts such as reconciliation, repentance, reparations and victimhood, especially within a judicial context. Seeing the history of memories of the Algerian War offered here as part of this bigger picture  – as part of a world that possesses a heightened memorial consciousness and an increasingly transnational vocabulary through which this is articulated  – enables us to appreciate better the global resonances of the experiences of the pieds-noirs and harkis, without losing sight of the specific

in From empire to exile
Monsters of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland
Kieran Keohane and Carmen Kuhling

‘pact with the Devil’ as the French plantation owners liked to portray the origins of the Revolution in voudou and the mysterious ‘blood ceremony’ held in the Bois Caiman, but a ‘pact with the devil’ in the form of French banks. Under threat of political and economic isolation, backed up by the sanction of massive military intervention, Haiti was forced to pay reparations of 150 million francs (equivalent to €100 billion today) to absentee former plantation and slave owners in France. This burden of debt purportedly owed by Haitians to senior bondholders in France

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Counter-power in photography from slavery to Occupy Wall Street
Nicholas Mirzoeff

, because reparations for the many wrongs of slavery remain unpaid. Although the opportunity to use the Reconstruction state to compel former slave owners into bankruptcy and enable bottom-​up redistribution was lost, in places like Scanlonville, South Carolina, the freed pooled their resources and labour to create a commons, purchasing land from a bankrupt plantation. Reporting on 213 The visual commons such endeavours in 1873, the Charleston Courier rightly called it ‘colored communism’. The paper noted that ‘some of the largest plantations … are now owned and

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A story of disillusionment
Samy Mesli

principal areas of activity of French educational aid, before focusing on the record educational coopération, drawing particular attention to its failure to adapt to African realities. The goals of coopération Jacques Basso (1992: 257), lecturer in development law at the University of Nice, has noted that the goals for coopération were many and various: ‘generosity, sometimes extended to include the idea of “historic reparations”, solidarity, self-sacrifice; but also safeguarding one’s own economic interests, an undisguised assertion of influence, a quest for power which

in Francophone Africa at fifty
Michael Cunningham

benefit of the apologiser as well in that Germany is trying to ‘distance’ itself from the Nazi manifestation of the German state. As Lind has noted, reconciliation between France and Germany preceded the age of apology which indicates that apology is not required, or not in all cases, for processes of inter-state reconciliation.32 In relation to the question of success, the reception of German apologies (allied to the payment of reparations or compensation) indicates that apologies may have played a role in reinforcing Germany’s standing within the international

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