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The revolt of Cairo and Revolutionary violence
Joseph Clarke

, as Bertrand Barère insisted that August, be excised with ‘fire and the sword’.71 The Republican elite dehumanized civilian resistance and it seems clear that many soldiers embraced this message wholeheartedly. In their accounts, the civilians in the West appear inherently alien: ‘strangers to our moeurs, our laws’, ‘barbarians’, or simply inhuman, ‘fanatical brigands’ fit only to be dealt with ‘as one hunts wild boars’, as one volunteer claimed in June 1793.72 This may explain why soldiers like Corporal François Joliclerc felt able to write home that ‘men and women

in A global history of early modern violence
Bilge Firat

People’s Party) during the 3 November 2002 general election. That election resulted in a coalition government being replaced by the AKP. The coalition had undertaken some initial reforms and had paved the road for EU–Turkey accession talks to begin, as they did under the Turkey.indb 6 24/07/2019 17:31:20 The elephant in the room 7 AKP. A few years later, Leyla would write: ‘Europe will enhance its multicultural identity with Turkey’. Her optimism, though, was not without a hint of caution, since she belonged to modern Turkey’s founder Ataturk’s republican elites

in Diplomacy and lobbying during Turkey’s Europeanisation
Edward Ashbee

organize. They also set the stage for the ensuing Rallying around the Gadsden Flag 107 battles between Congressional Republicans and the administration, including the federal government shutdown of October 2013. The Ryan Plan The book has sought to show how outcomes are shaped through the processes of interaction between those levels or tiers described in the different literatures outlined in the Introduction. In particular, there have been tensions between the constituencies that came together in the Tea Party movement, the Republican elites (particularly those in

in The Right and the recession
Abstract only
Edward Ashbee

forward plans for the partial privatisation of Medicare. Yet, in striking contrast to Republican elites, the Trump campaign echoed grassroots sentiments and in a promise that may have played a part in winning white working-class votes said in tones that were sometimes equivocal and sometimes definite, it would protect these programmes. This gave the campaign, at least at times, a leftist hue in the same way as the European populist parties sometimes appear to talk in terms more usually associated with social democracy. Although in part a tongue-in-cheek exercise, an

in The Trump revolt