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Mikael Klintman

will help us understand this phenomenon. We’ll learn some more about why philosophers and other thinkers specialising in logic find the phenomenon problematic in the first place. The chapter will go on to show what the social sciences have to say about how culture-based knowledge resistance is developed, maintained, and challenged in various areas of social life. Knowledge loyalty The Colorado dad’s knowledge belief that proper child-rearing should be kept separate from findings in scientific psychology ran

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Amy Helen Bell

others have mapped eighteenth-century ‘spaces of modernity’ in London, exploring the complex and interconnected topography of transformations in institutions, experiences and identities.23 More Bell Murder Capital.indd 5 8/5/2014 1:52:12 PM 6  Murder Capital recently, historians have examined Victorian geographies of dirt and cleanliness in London, in particular nineteenth-century sanitary reform as an aspect of the expanding and industrializing metropolis.24 My aim is to use these concepts of the city as a set of overlapping spaces of control, knowledge, resistance

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