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Critically evaluating the role of the Incredible Edible movement in the UK
Michael Hardman, Mags Adams, Melissa Barker, and Luke Beesley

into the cityscape (Caputo, 2012): from community gardens and allotments, to radical vertical 140 Urban gardening and the struggle for justice cultivating systems and rooftop farms, all constitute examples of UA in practice (Gorgolewski et al., 2011).Whilst allotment gardening has been embedded within UK culture for some time, new forms of UA –​such as community gardening –​ are only just gaining momentum. The core argument for UA is often based on the need for greater food security; with global population increasing and the rapid growth of cities, the way we

in Urban gardening and the struggle for social and spatial justice
Helena Chance

environment. The concepts of the ‘social democratic workplace’, or ‘socially responsive office’, include a renewed emphasis on improving physical and mental health in the workplace. Flexible working practices and ‘green’ initiatives such as improving biodiversity and urban gardening are driving these changes in corporate landscape design, and there is now a more relaxed approach to office work and space.53 Gardens and outdoor activities are designed to connect employees to the benefits of nature, encourage healthy eating and promote a spirit of community both within the

in The factory in a garden
Housing co-operatives in Germany
Carolin Schröder and Heike Walk

participants on improving the living environment was very positive. Proposals have been developed, for example, on urban gardening, vegetable crates and energy conservation. Weiberwirtschaft eG The women’s co-operative WeiberWirtschaft eG in central Berlin was established in 1992 to support women in green businesses. After renovating a former industrial site, they provide approximately 7,100 square metres of office space for some seventy businesses of different sizes, including a children’s daycare facility, conference rooms, restaurants, a start-up service for women in

in Mainstreaming co-operation