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Mayke de Jong and Justin Lake

winter meeting. Having retired to his own quarters to prepare the scedula , he returned to the court to deliver it in person. See De Jong, Penitential State , pp. 164–7. 15 In 810 the Frankish empire was struck by a cattle pestilence attributed in some quarters to poisoned dust. See Annales Sithienses s.a. 810, MGH SS XIII, p. 37: Boum pestilentia per totam Europam immaniter grassata est, et inde pulverum sparsorum fabula exorta. The story is fleshed out by Agobard of Lyons, De grandine et tonitruis c. 16, pp. 14–15, who relates that Duke Grimald of

in Confronting crisis in the Carolingian empire
Matthew Kempshall

  294  • History and historiography  • 115 national allegiances could produce differences of interpretation in historical writing. He notes, for example, that the division of the Frankish Empire had split people’s loyalties and individual writers would accordingly praise their own particular res publica as far as their talents allowed. For his own part, Otto states that he will attempt to keep to the middle path suggested by Numbers 21:22, turning neither to the left nor to the right, but trying to the best of his ability to hold to the order of truth (series

in Rhetoric and the writing of history, 400 –1500
Matthew Kempshall

Italy and then (after succeeding Adalhard as abbot in 826) in opposing Louis’ division of the Frankish empire. Wala’s involvement in the crisis of 828–30 resulted in a further period of exile in 831 and, after his attempts to act as mediator in the renewed conflict of 833 left him once more at the mercy of the emperor, in 834 he had little option but to flee to Italy, to the monastery at Bobbio, where he died in 836. Wala’s life and deeds were thus a subject of some political sensitivity, and the nature of Paschasius’ composition was accordingly fraught with

in Rhetoric and the writing of history, 400 –1500
Janet L. Nelson

This chapter provides The Annals of St-Bertin in full, translated and annotated by the Janet L. Nelson.

in The Annals of St-Bertin