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Scott Soo

orders for the departure of a further 3,297 TE. The Ministry of Labour’s regional representative was dismissive about meeting this demand, predicting that up to 30 per cent of workers were likely to abscond.140 It proved to an optimistic estimation. French officials in the Gers managed to gather just 85 out of 250 workers, with gendarmes shooting one recalcitrant Spanish refugee in the thigh at Plaisance.141 Further north-east in the Lot, 100 out of 262 workers 178 working in from the margins were missing from the 554th GTE, and only 27 out of 145 could be gathered

in The routes to exile
Alan Convery

information at bus stops for passengers’ peace of mind (p.52). Nevertheless, there are flashes of ideas that might begin to move towards a new agenda. Interestingly, it proposes some quite radical constitutional innovations that were never subsequently taken up. It recommends that a Royal Commission on the House of Lords should consider whether the House should have a regional representative structure similar to the German Bundesrat (Scottish Conservative Party, 1998: 6). The Westminster Parliament should also give a ‘binding commitment that devolution legislation could

in The territorial Conservative Party
Anna Saunders

discussions with regional representatives of the Junge Union and Jusos in Sachsen-Anhalt. (Holger Wegener, 19/9/01; Yves Metzing, 13/9/01). 233 Jens, 23, cited in Eberhard Seidel-Pielen, Stinos, Glatzen und Trinker: Jugend auf der Suche nach neuen Normen und Umgangsformen (Magdeburg: Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen im Landtag von Sachsen-Anhalt, 1995), p. 16. 234 Jugend 2000, pp. 310–12, 325. 235 Ibid., pp. 313–17. 236 SAPMO-BArch, DY24/11803, ‘Einschätzung der politischen Lage . . .’, 9 Oct 1989, p. 18. 237 Erich, 27, 25/9/01. 238 ‘ “Die Landesregierung nimmt die Altmark

in Honecker’s children
Open Access (free)
Crisis, reform and recovery
Shalendra D. Sharma

recovery country’s president and vice-president, sets out guidelines for administration policy, and is responsible for holding the administration accountable for its activities at the end of every presidential term. With the departure of East Timor, the number of regional representatives dropped by five, for a final total Assembly membership of 695. 72 The IMF delayed its disbursement because it found that Indonesia had made almost no progress on the promises it made in January 2000. 179

in The Asian financial crisis
Heike Wieters

Oxfam staffers Elisabeth Stamp and Jennifer Booth reported back that the dairy plant in question was still a “white elephant” – meaning a well-meant but useless industrial project financed by Western donors and planted in economic and social surrounding in which it did not fit – they were optimistic that Oxfam and CARE would be able to change things for the better. 191 Oxfam regional representative James Howard

in The NGO CARE and food aid From America, 1945–80
Financial liberalisation and the end of the Cold War
Helen Thompson

This chapter explores the early consequences of the demise of Bretton Woods and American financial liberalisation, reporting the repercussions of the United States' economic and military power. West German firms quickly exploited the new markets and investment opportunities in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The events of 1979 led the Carter administration to another change in dollar policy, with huge consequences. The consequences of the second oil-price shock, and the foreign and economic policies of the Reagan administration, were more beneficial for the British and Italian modern democratic nation-states. The United States' final victory in the Balkans demonstrated much about US dominance of the post-Cold War world. India shares serious economic problems with other post-colonial countries. The international trading order that has developed since the end of Bretton Woods retains the capacity to generate significant political problems for the states of post-colonial developing countries.

in Might, right, prosperity and consent