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Marjory Harper

. Successful recruits were then to be offered uncolonized soldier settlement lands further north, near Sudbury. The Ontarian initiative was welcomed by the Scottish Office and the BOAS on the grounds that dangerous tensions might be defused if impatient applicants for domestic land settlement were successfully apprised of overseas opportunities. Although cautious civil servants refused to canvass applicants for smallholdings directly, they were justifiably confident that newspaper advertising by the imperial and colonial governments

in Emigration from Scotland between the wars
The wider impact of the South African War
Donal Lowry

(London, 1998), pp. 181–2. 77 Quoted in K. Fedorowich, Unfit for Heroes: Reconstruction and Soldier Settlement in the Empire between the Wars (Manchester, 1995), p. 14. 78 Spies, ‘Women and the war’, p

in The South African War reappraised