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John Anderson

end apartheid and mobilised church opinion in favour of the campaign for majority rule. In pursuit of these causes it was joined by various other Protestant groups, including the World Alliance of Reformed Churches which in 1982 condemned apartheid as heresy and in the early 1990s supported Malawi’s Presbyterian Church leaders in their campaign for human rights in Malawi. 19 Other Protestant groups were more wary of political involvement, with most evangelical groups adopting a more quietist approach. In the USA, however, the Christian Right was actively involved

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Duncan Watts

Clintonisation of the Democrat and Labour parties). In the last few years, more thoughtful members of the Republican Party have been aware of the danger of allowing themselves to become too narrow in their appeal. Mainstream supporters see potential problems in the rise of the Christian Right, for whilst the religious fundamentalists provide a powerful amount of support and are extremely successful at registering and mobilising voters, there is a danger that they might take over the party. This might limit the breadth of their appeal to Americans who do not share those

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John Kinsella

damage inflicted by the American military-industrial Christian right and its cronies around the world (Australia as extra state of America, Britain stuck in its fear cycle). A hundred thousand dead in Iraq, at least; no doubt many more. So why do I write poetry? Here are three poems from Doppler Effect, which constitutes nearly a collected experimental poems of mine. I originally wrote them out of frustration with the dissolution of the material and spiritual world, and the fact that language – any language – is the captor as much as the liberator. I had been trying to

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