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Preventative medicine
Louise Hill Curth

even have thought that a disease had been avoided through their efforts – perhaps even through what is now called a placebo effect. When all efforts failed, and disease struck, readers could once again turn to their favourite almanac for assistance, which is the theme of the following two chapters. The types of information that they would have found, however, changed over the course of the 150 years of this study. Chapter Eight will focus on the traditional, time-honoured medical advice that had predominated for centuries. This consisted of what might be called ‘non

in English almanacs, astrology and popular medicine: 1550–1700
Cormac Behan

. There is also an obligation on political parties to engage with all citizens, as they are funded by the state. If any group (in this case, prisoners) are not engaged and only have the opportunity to participate ‘in public debates far from the locus of decision making they may begin to think that participation as citizens is little more than a placebo, an activity the main purpose of which is to facilitate the sense that one is participating, but has little or no possibility of affecting outcomes’ (Riordan, 2003: 61). Prisoners as agents in the political process also

in Citizen convicts
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John Kinsella

would write ‘Democracy in this form is slavery’, or an anarchy sign, or ‘voting is a placebo’ across the ballot paper. But many, many elections have passed since I did even that – now I accept the fine (enforced voting in Australia – how liberated!) and stay out of the process entirely. Any form of participation strikes me as conceding that there is a centralised authority I should placate, I should perform for. I will not. The state is wrong, and I won’t sign off on it. All those who serve the state serve its empowerment over the individual, 1 National Parks and

in Polysituatedness
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John Kinsella

computer virus is solid, and the flawed software is solid as well as the patch that repairs it. The nicotine patch, the pseudo-solid, the placebo field. Netdeath is the rejection by text of the materialism that makes it. The archives hang there, mimicking stasis. As vulnerable as the book is to fire.* Lost in the attic, it burns undiscovered, but there. * Vulnerable indeed: since the time of writing, Listbot discontinued their free service and with short notice deleted the entire Poetryetc archives based on their server. Unless they exist in vestigial form, these

in Disclosed poetics
Gareth Dale

the middle class, i.e. the clerical workers, intellectuals, industrialists, merchants and peasant smallholders. And what differentiated us most from the parties of violence, both on the right and on the left: the Radical Party never believed in political quackery. We rejected both the placebos of the reactionary regime as well as the rough techniques of revolution. We held no belief in the ‘strong hand’ when threatened by István Tisza, or indeed by the oppressed. The introduction of radical reforms: this was always the programme of the Radical Party. We never

in Karl Polanyi
Piero Garofalo, Elizabeth Leake, and Dana Renga

The article goes on to provide biographical information on the escapees. In the ensuing days, the news spread across the globe and brought, for the Regime, unwelcome international scrutiny to the practice of confino.86 In an effort to quell the public uproar over the revelations of Lipari’s fugitives, Mussolini acquiesced to international criticism by granting a correspondent of the Turin daily La Stampa limited access to the colonies of Ponza and Lipari. The Regime’s recourse to transparency, an administrative placebo, utilised the media to convey a representation

in Internal exile in Fascist Italy
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John Kinsella

meant a hierarchy of form. Poetry as an emotional pamphleteering. As a placebo. The difficulty for the lyric in conveying ‘emotional’ content is that it cannot be effective if the material is not carefully controlled. The looser this control, the less we can accept the genuineness of the emotions. Anti-war poetry in particular relies on the credibility of the emotional distress in the face of war’s horror. Does Leon Gellert say what we think he says in ‘If You Were Here’? Or is he displacing, insofar as this poem is actually an extended metaphor for the isolation and

in Disclosed poetics
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Robert F. Dewey, Jr.

needed a ‘medicine man’ he had only been able to supply ‘placebos’. 351 CCO pamphlets in the series ‘Common Market Common Sense’: No. 1, ‘The Econ­ omic Case’; No. 2, ‘The Political Case’; No. 3, ‘The Commonwealth’; No. 4, ‘Cost of Living’; No. 5, ‘Employment Prospects’; No. 6, ‘The Farmers’; No. 7, ‘Would Britain Get Pushed Around?’; No. 8, ‘European Stability’; No. 9, ‘Religious Freedom’. For copies see R. A. Butler Papers F/124. 346  Minutes of the Parliamentary Group on the Common Market, 22 October, 5 November and 3 December 1962, CPA, CRD 2/48/2. 347  This was a

in British national identity and opposition to membership of Europe, 1961–63