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Sarah Lonsdale

women presidents of the NUT were Miss I. Cleghorn, MA (1911), Miss E. R. Conway CBE (1918) and Miss J. F. Wood MA (1920) (NUT Annual Report, 1929, Warwick Modern Records). 13 She became an MP again in the 1945 Labour landslide and served in Attlee’s government. 14 For attitudes towards black performers among London’s intelligentsia, see Bush 1999 : 211–14. See also Evans 2019 : 165–7. 15 Bush 1999 : 215. 16 Marson 1933 . 17 Marson’s journalism in the magazine that she founded and edited in Jamaica, the Cosmopolitan , shows a desire for ‘cross-empire

in Rebel women between the wars
Mark Hampton

), p. 30. For the wider context of Chinese labour within the Empire, see Rachel Bright, ‘Asian Migration and the British World, c . 1850– c . 1914’, in Kent Fedorowich and Andrew S. Thompson (eds), Empire, Migration and Identity in the British World (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013), pp. 128–49. 79

in Hong Kong and British culture, 1945–97
Anna Bocking-Welch

the long life of empire migration’, Women's History Review , 25:4 (2016), 530. 51 Riedi, ‘Women, gender and the promotion of empire’, 584. 52 Smith, ‘The Women's Branch’, 522. 53

in British civic society at the end of empire
Marjory Harper

., Organised Empire Migration and Settlement. A Retrospect of Salvation Army Work for the Empire and its Citizens by a Privileged Observer (London, The Salvation Army, Migration House, 1930); David Lamb, Boys of Britain (London, The Salvation Army, Emigration–Colonization and Shipping Office, 1923) and General Booth’s Scheme for Boys (London, The Salvation Army, International Headquarters, 1925); and Marjory Harper, ‘ Emigration and the Salvation Army ’, Bulletin of the Scottish Institute of Missionary

in Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Marjory Harper

1968 ), p. 10. 80 Sim, ‘ Clandonald ’, appendix (n.p.), notes from MacDonell’s undated typescript; NRAS 1883, Skene, Edwards & Garson papers, MacDonell’s undated memorandum to Empire Migration Board. 81 Wayne Norton, Help Us to a Better Land. Crofter Colonies in the Prairie West (Regina, Canadian Plains Research Center, 1994 ). Further information on Killarney and Saltcoats was kindly provided by Dr Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart. 82

in Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Joanna de Groot

European elements in daily life. This was paralleled by the presence of strong Afro-Caribbean musical influences within DeGroot.indd 219 15/07/2013 10:23:30 220 • empire and history writing in britain  • UK popular music since the 1960s and the success of fusions of bhangra, rock and hip-hop music in the 1980s and 1990s. These were rooted in historical connections between empire, migration to post-war Britain and encounters between different musical agendas. The late twentieth century saw the spread on UK high streets of curry houses established by migrants from

in Empire and history writing in Britain c.1750–2012
Philip Ollerenshaw

the unity of the British Empire through comradeship, individual service, meetings, empire films, trade, school and university education and empire migration.47 The Ulster Branch of the Overseas League was established in 1926, and it played a central role in strengthening links between Northern Ireland and the Empire in ways which have never been fully appreciated. Its formal occasions were sometimes places where major policy statements were made and where they were assured of wide publicity. The Ulster Group at the headquarters of the Overseas League was established

in Northern Ireland in the Second World War