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Ulrike Ehret

‘satanic’ character of the Jews using the very authority of Christianity, the Bible, as proof. The central purpose of the Katechismuswahrheiten was therefore to explain such phrases and to justify the relationship between Christianity and Judaism. Its main argument intended to instruct the reader that ‘Christianity has never been a Jewish religion’.56 It was a deliberate and intelligent fusion of Rosenberg’s racial outlook and Catholic religious dogma: the faithful were called on to recognise Rosenberg’s errors in his own terminology, while the choice of the catechism as

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Narratives exploring relationships in modern British society
Nigel Mather

left one marriage because it was not an ‘equal match’, so we cannot know if they will stay together. The fact that they can joke about relationships going disastrously wrong might be seen as a positive note on which to end. Mark Kermode, in his review of the film, described this as a ‘bitter-sweet denouement’, which left him wondering if it ‘would have been better’ if this particular couple had ‘never met’. 93 If Disobedience shows a prospective couple parting at the close, torn apart by religious dogma and societal pressures, Loach and Paul Laverty’s film

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