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Janet Wolff

learning that Leo Levy had an extra two years of life. And of course – chillingly – this belated information brings the story back again to chemistry. To Primo Levi, also enslaved there, and to my father’s own connections with the German chemical industry. hH Article 116 (2) of the German Basic Law concerns the rights of descendants of those deprived of German citizenship on political, racial or religious grounds to apply for naturalisation. Now, writing in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, I am compiling the documents I need to demonstrate my eligibility for

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The way forward
Regina Lee Blaszczyk

a ferocious tariff war that continued well beyond their lifetimes. When the World Trade Organization liberalised markets in the years either side of 2000, this presented a new problem for UK woollen mills: Chinese competition. Then, after 24 June 2016, John Walsh and other mill owners faced an uncertain future in the light of Brexit, the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and its zero-tariff trading conditions. ‘Britain had a good deal in Europe’, said Andrew Seal of SIL Holdings, a textile conglomerate in Bradford, but the ‘warmth has gone to some extent.’ 7

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Modernising the interwar ideal home
Deborah Sugg Ryan

Wolvercote at its current valuation.35 Indeed housebuilding is at an all-time low and home ownership is in terminal decline. Britain’s second woman Prime Minister, Theresa May, has invoked Margaret Thatcher’s persona of a housewife-like chancellor of the domestic economy: we have to live within our means. Post the vote for Brexit in June 2016 there seems to have been a return to the idea of ‘Little England’. Some pro-Leave champions frequently invoked the Empire as the pinnacle of Britain’s past greatness. In 1978, at the height of the government’s ‘right to buy’ scheme

in Ideal homes, 1918–39
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Staging art and Chineseness
Jane Chin Davidson

globalization, the theoretical connections of Chineseness are conceived by identifications according to movements across geographical borders and embodiments of citizenship. In the aftermath of the political events of 2016, identity by national borders and citizenship has become highly political, as exemplified by Brexit’s anti-globalization position in parallel with the election of Donald Trump, who closed the US borders to asylum seekers and many other immigrant groups. The meaning of the term globalization has changed from positive notions of the far-reaching connections

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A thousand contradictions
Marc James Léger

sustained not so much by the exclusion of a ‘foreign element,’ but by the exclusion of the idea and the actuality of leftist vanguards. In The Courage of Hopelessness , Žižek argues against decentralised collaborative networks and calls on leftists to organise forms of power that are external to the commons and that can regulate its functioning. 59 Dreaming of alternatives prevents us from thinking through to the end the limits of our condition. Such wishful thinking leads us to waste time and effort on pseudo-conflicts such as yes or no on Brexit, voting for the

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