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Archives and collecting on the frontiers of data-driven science
Antonia Walford

. Database/archive The archive has become perhaps most well-known as a ‘protean category’ (Waterton 2010: 646) in the thought of Michel Foucault and ‘If everything is information’ 107 Jacques Derrida and has been extensively explored in anthropology, history and cognate disciplines.3 As Elizabeth Povinelli summarises, the archive can be understood from a Foucauldian perspective as a hegemonic instrument of (state) power which nevertheless contains within it its own undoing in the form of the subaltern voices that it works (more or less successfully) to suppress (2011

in Ethnography for a data-saturated world
Kathryn Cassidy

. I employ Radstone’s view to explore the narrative accounts of CBST in Diyalivtsi. What emerges, as Radstone suggests, are not additive cause-and-effect relationships but contextually framed intertwinings of past and present. In considering transtemporality within the bordering context, it is also useful to draw upon Green’s (2009) insights in her discussion of the relationship between borders, lines and time. In attempting to grasp the transtemporality of state borders, she makes particular use of the work of Jacques Derrida on traces. Unlike other theorists who

in Migrating borders and moving times
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Recorded memories and diasporic identity in the archive of Giuseppe Chiaffitella
Nicola Scaldaferri

the village, such as the church bells on a holiday. But voices are the sounds that attract him the most: voices of known people who send greetings from a faraway place or send messages in Arbëresh and Italian, able to provoke loving and engaging memories in those who listen. Voice, thanks to its connection to language, communicative and artistic performances, and embodiment, is a complex phenomenon examined by philosophers, anthropologists and scholars of voice studies including Derrida, Zumthor and Ihde. Disembodied and (decon)textualised through recording, voice

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