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Brad Evans

battles, its pronouncements are never objective, self-evident or universally applied ( Evans, 2013 ). Arendt’s claim that violence can be justified but never legitimate must be reversed: violence is often legitimated in political arenas and juridical courts; but it can never be justified through an invocation of justice, except where the latter is limited to a reductive juridical paradigm. Justice is not law ( Derrida, 1992 ). Justice is the ability to live a life with dignity and free from lawful violence. Justice in this regard is not the end of power. It is an

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Jean d’Aspremont

449 , esp. 450 ; Derrida argued that mysticism – which is how he construes fabricated genealogy – is what gives law a ‘deconstructible’ structure, thereby allowing the possibility of deconstruction, see J Derrida , ‘ Force of Law: The “Mystical Foundation of Authority ”’ in G Anidjar (ed), Acts of Religion: Jacques Derrida ( Routledge 2002 ) 230 – 98 – he writes ( 242 – 43 ff) that the mystical character of law means that ‘law is essential deconstructible, whether because it is founded, that is to say constructed, upon interpretable and transformable

in International organisations, non-State actors, and the formation of customary international law