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Abstract only
International law at the movies
Gerry Simpson

allusions and references to everything from Alice in Wonderland to Game of Thrones ). Much of this is new but it is not as if this preoccupation with the visual has emerged from nowhere. The ground was cleared some time ago by both those who worked on the aesthetics of law more broadly (Douzinas, Manderson, Goodrich) and those who took an early interest in the documentary or visual aspects of international law (often international criminal justice) from Nuremberg through to Lubanga (Lawrence Douglas’ book The Memory of Justice is a notable antecedent in this

in Cinematic perspectives on international law
Marco Benatar

elements – stories about magic, ghouls and ghosts would fit the bill admirably. Despite this exclusion, it would be remiss not to mention the influence of the fantastical on oral pleadings before international courts and tribunals, where works like Alice in Wonderland , 7 Game of Thrones 8 and Pirates of the Caribbean 9 have been quoted with varying rates of success. 10 Based on the viewing of many films, the following central thesis will be offered: future worlds portrayed in science fiction reproduce the tensions underlying contemporary theoretical approaches to

in Cinematic perspectives on international law
Determining the methodology
Olivier Corten and François Dubuisson

(1977); Air Force One (1997); Quai d’Orsay (2013); Game of Thrones (2011–14)). 19 See, for example, Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner , Camera Politica: The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film ( Bloomington and Indianapolis : Indiana University Press , 1988 ); Douglas Kellner , Cinema Wars. Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era ( Chichester : Blackwell , 2010 ); Régis Dubois , Hollywood, Cinéma et idéologie ( Paris : Editions Sulliver , 2008 ); Laurent Aknin , Mythe et idéologie du cinéma américain

in Cinematic perspectives on international law