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Małgorzata Jakimów

sources of discrimination as stemming from their socio-economic position in China. By the act of ‘advocating’ I mean the attempts at intervention in the law-making process and the criticism of existing law and legal mechanisms. The final act of ‘claiming’ relates to migrant workers’ assertion of the rights which are not enshrined in the law, such as effective bodies for political representation of migrant workers – that is, self-elected workers’ representatives, the right to strike and the right to elect their union representatives. I conclude with a discussion of when

in China’s citizenship challenge
A Deweyan vision of democracy and social research 
Malcolm P. Cutchin

’s most extensive critique of political theory, he reconstructed the meaning of democracy – away from the state and elections towards the community-based, cooperative activity of publics. Recognising the failure of the US system to promote the participation of publics to address emergent problems that call publics to be organised, Dewey proposed that democracy be understood differently from the common conception of a political process of elections, law-making and governance. His concept of democracy was community life itself – that view being informed by his

in The power of pragmatism