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Christopher Snedden

years of comradeship’: ‘if our conscience so tells us, or … an overriding national interest so requires, then there is no help for it’ but to part. 296 Abdullah responded that he believed in ‘justice for all sections of the people’. As for their possible parting, he stated that ‘whatever lot may be in store for us, never can you expect me to abandon my respect and affection for you’. 297 Seemingly then, at the end of June 1953, both men knew that their relationship was

in Independent Kashmir
Women and the promise of peace in the ‘new’ Northern Ireland

Care – that exert considerable influence in the debate. While religious conservatism unquestionably informs the standpoints of some of those opposed to women’s reproductive rights, linkages between women’s reproductive capacities and the sectarian demographics serve to further embed virulent opposition to abortion on any grounds. While nationalism fabricates a narrative of horizontal comradeship, the gendered constructions of ethno-nationalism position and value women primarily for their symbolic and reproductive roles. The

in Northern Ireland a generation after Good Friday
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Celia Hughes

socialist men were bound together by a shared identity of class, enthusiasm for newly discovered Marxist ideas, political debate, activity and 9780719091940_4_002.indd 91 11/12/14 2:28 PM 92 Young lives on the Left cultural tastes. The process of being collectively active and learning how to be activists fostered the bonds of comradeship. In the run-up to the 1964 general election Alan Watts attended a meeting at Finsbury town hall where he and his friends clashed with far-right supporters: I thought whatever happens I’m going to go in. So we got into this meeting

in Young lives on the Left
Colonial cultures of sport and diplomacy in Afghanistan, 1919–49
Maximilian Drephal

comradeship towards his team members, fair play to the other side – in other words, honesty, uprightness, courage and endurance.33 By the time a candidate joined the Indian Political Service, he – this was an exclusively male domain – had already been equipped with and trained in a variety of sports ROFE___9781526131058_Print.indd 93 11/06/2018 09:15 Public diplomacy 94 and games. Applications to the Indian Political Service also asked for a candidate’s history of field sports and the quality of his horsemanship, making athletic exploits part of the selection process

in Sport and diplomacy
The next Lansbury generation and Labour politics, 1881–1951
John Shepherd

was Chairman of the London district council of the union. Their first major project was an important political tract on union activity, Comradeship for Clerks, which they coauthored in 1913.68 In 1910 George Lansbury had been elected as one of the three Labour councillors who formed the Labour bench on the London County Council (LCC). During this time, the LCC began to increasingly employ women clerks to replace boy labourers, as a new and cheaper form of labour in the clerical divisions. In 1911 the NUC established a Women’s League on the LCC in its campaign

in Labour and working-class lives
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Paul Kelemen

Zionist labour movement and the Labour Party. The two labour organisations’ brand of social democracy had much in common and there developed between them, through frequent contact, a sense of comradeship. In 1946, following the British army’s arrest of 2,000 Jerusalem-based officials of various Zionist organisations, including the executive of the Jewish Agency, Michael Foot pleaded: ‘the people who are accused by the Government of instituting violence against law and order are men we know well, men who have come to our Socialist conferences, and who are colleagues of

in The British left and Zionism
Celia Hughes

sort of development of my identity, but for me it wasn’t like a conversion; it didn’t feel like a rupture.38 Moments of self-awareness could feel profoundly revelatory as well as heightening bonds of comradeship which members sensed growing between them. The clarity of Martin’s memory signalled the moment’s significance as a staging-post in his political and intellectual life; inside the Society he was reframing his Christian morality within a humanistic Marxism and re-evaluating the sort of political actions he thought appropriate to achieving change. He rejected

in Young lives on the Left
Alexander Cárdenas and Sibylle Lang

improving multinational cooperation in international PSOs. Sport can contribute to supporting the generation of meaningful social relations and serve as a platform for learning about each other. At the same time, sport can act as an integrative force, thus allowing for cross-cultural unifying situations, which have spillover possibilities to the professional military cooperation arena. Although sport cannot substitute a long common socialisation, under carefully planned circumstances it may create a sense of comradeship and belonging, thus reinforcing mutual confidence

in Sport and diplomacy
Peter Dorey

. Although Wigham commenced his book by readily acknowledging many positive characteristics and qualities of Britain’s trade unions, he then proceeded to delineate the sundry ways in which they had not only become increasingly powerful in an era of full employment, but had displayed a growing tendency to exercise their enhanced power in a destructive and negative manner, with damaging repercussions for the British economy and wider British society. He lamented that what had once been virtues had become vices, such as: when comradeship becomes conspiracy for selfish gain

in Comrades in conflict
Jonathan Colman

Stuart times; our comradeship in two world wars, and in our efforts to create conditions of lasting peace following those wars. But Wilson, as he noted later, had ‘prepared no speech, and had to speak, as they say, right on’. 31 In his impromptu address he used the expression ‘close relationship’ instead of the established formulation ‘special relationship’. 32 The

in A ‘special relationship’?