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Marjory Harper

preserve their overseas commitments, enjoy comradeship based on shared experiences and promote a positive image of Canada to government and public alike. They also capitalized on the opportunities offered by Club meetings to make strategic political and commercial connections, since many of Canada’s leading politicians and businessmen were dinner guests during visits to Britain. Transatlantic links continued to be cultivated in the twentieth century. Marilyn Barber’s exploration of the Fellowship of the Maple Leaf

in Emigrant homecomings
Jeffrey Richards

with celebrations of the army, often in an imperial context, with works like Tennyson’s Charge of the Heavy Brigade , Sir Francis Doyle’s Private of the Buffs and The Red Thread of Honour , Kipling’s Ballad of East and West and Henley’s own Last Post and Pro Rege Nostro. The binding themes of the collection are service, sacrifice, comradeship, heroism and death

in Popular imperialism and the military 1850–1950
Jeffrey Richards

strongly reflected a set of regular themes: love (treated as romance), marriage (treated as a trap and a disaster), work (and how to avoid it), city life, food and drink, clothes and holidays. The values celebrated were comradeship, patriotism, luck and fatalism, a mild anti-authoritarianism, defined gender roles and the idea of an immutable social order. 1 Dave Russell suggests that music hall

in Imperialism and music
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Armistice Day and Empire Day
Jeffrey Richards

. But, significantly, this was also the first important occasion to be broadcast to the whole Empire by the new high-power short-wave transmitter at Chelmsford. The motive of the Daily Express in sponsoring the Festival was ‘the necessity for renewing that comradeship that existed during the war and to remind the British Empire of the unpaid debt to those men still unplaced in civil life who served

in Imperialism and music
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Edward M. Spiers

more kindly to one another, and more Godly than in garrison’. 64 Although these observations were purely impressionistic, active service probably had some effect inasmuch as rankers (unlike the officers) had less access to drink (other than the occasional rum issued at night) and the risks of battle placed a premium on comradeship and fatalism about the future. Yet the sheer quantity of the

in The Victorian soldier in Africa
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Imagining socialism and communism in Algeria
Allison Drew

Today, the very idea of an international socialist community seems utopian. Like nationalism, socialism is an imagined community based on ‘deep, horizontal comradeship’. But if nations are typically imagined within territorial boundaries ‘as both inherently limited and sovereign’, socialism’s imagined community spans the globe. 1 Two

in We are no longer in France
Abstract only
The 1940s
Neville Kirk

. 17 Moreover, the collectivism and comradeship necessary to win another ‘total’ war convinced Labourites that socialism was not only morally but also practically superior to free-market capitalism. Labour’s keynote socialism of the 1945 election was ‘derived from the lessons of war’, especially the need ‘to use controls and public ownership to plan the economy in the national interest’. Labour would introduce nationalisation, pragmatically and selectively as opposed to ideologically and uniformly, in order to

in Labour and the politics of Empire
Fransjohan Pretorius

a sense of brotherliness between them, which meant that the agterryers were easily assimilated into the commandos. This comradeship was noted by both friend and foe. 65 There were various allegations from the British ranks that Africans on the Boer side had taken up arms. 66 What was the reaction of the Boers to these allegations? Of all the denials from Boer officers

in The South African War reappraised
J.S. Bratton

studies, we have a keen enthusiasm and desire to learn which makes teaching the most inspiring of all professions…. For secret disobedience we have open loyalty…. Where we mistresses distrusted and suspected, we now rely with confidence upon your honour…. If we issue an order, we know that it will be faithfully fulfilled….The spirit of comradeship and love

in Imperialism and juvenile literature
David H. Hume

name of Ulster recalls, removes any thought of separation and makes us feel as much at home in your midst as in any other part of the United Kingdom. We know this springs largely from the fact that the Crown is the focus of our unity, comradeship and moral standards … We are and cannot help being a Mother Country … and yet the great self

in ‘An Irish Empire’?