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Struggles for power over a festival soundscape
Lorenzo Ferrarini

night, after the official phases of the ceremonial were finished and the clergy had retired. Some of the main forms of pilgrim participation are sonorous – especially dancing or at least singing in front of the statue. During the July festival there is a large presence of musicians, who create informal, temporary aggregations of people coming from distant communities. These episodes are distinct from the official, prescribed sounds of the festival, which include the liturgy and the music of a walking wind band. Though some know each other from frequenting a circuit

in Sonic ethnography
Regnar Kristensen

, however, relaxed its policy towards dead bodies, and, in 1997, the Vatican granted an indult to allow for the celebration of the funeral liturgy, including mass, in the presence of the cremated remains, although this is still not preferred in most dioceses in Mexico. In spite of the clear differences between the state and the Catholic Church’s ‘governance of the dead’ in Mexico, they therefore both seem to allow the corpses to slide into oblivion. This oblivion of the corpses, however, results in a particular magical practice with bones. During my fieldwork in 2009

in Governing the dead
Christian Suhr

regular liturgy [ fast messetekst ]?’ I reply that they are verses from the Quran. ‘Who understands this, it's nicely translated,’ Jørgen asks. ‘By now, I know most of these verses,’ I reply, ‘it's specific verses from the Quran they use.’ ‘And does the girl understand it?’ Jørgen asks. ‘I don't think she understands everything, she doesn't speak Arabic, but she probably understands half of it. And then she would know the larger part of it

in Descending with angels