The Court and Social pages of The Times listed many announcements of the arrival and departure of visiting maharajas. The most glittering events of the late nineteenth century was the Thakur Sahib Bhagvatsinh, a Rajput who ruled Gondal state from 1884 until his death and assumed the title of Maharaja in 1888. Bhagvatsinh left Gondal on 16 April 1883 and in Bombay embarked upon the SS Cathay, 'a floating hamlet' with 'all the comforts and conveniences of a land life'. Bhagvatsinh also attended Admiralty House to view Trooping the Colour, a state ball at Buckingham Palace and a 'wonderfully done' performance of Much Ado about Nothing at the Lyceum Theatre featuring Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. Leaving Britain, the European stage of Bhagvatsinh's tour began in Paris, where the people appeared to be less energetic than the British and 'idling about their work' due to 'epicurean habits'.

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