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Social contexts in L’Inchiesta and Risen

The Italian film L’Inchiesta (1987) and the American film Risen (2016) have many key situations in common, to the point that the American movie can be seen as a remake of sorts. However, both films have completely different endings: while Risen showcases the encounter between the Roman agent and Jesus, thus enthroning traditional religion, L’Inchiesta ends with the Roman agent’s descent into madness and consequent death, the truth forever obliterated. Further, both films are structured as biblical epics blended with the formula of trial films where investigations, interrogations and court scenes are essential, inherently interrogating what justice means. Keeping in mind that the films are biblical, reflections about justice and the nature of good and evil demand close examination. While divine justice trumps human justice in Risen, corrupted human justice trumps divine justice in L’Inchiesta. In this chapter, we point to the ways in which both films tap into social anxieties about religion and justice, following their own social and cultural contexts.

in The Bible onscreen in the new millennium