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Exploring the experiences of migrant children in Irelandc
Allen White, Naomi Tyrrell, Fina Carpena-Méndez, and Caitríona Ní Laoire

This chapter explores the ways in which migrant children and young people construct different senses of belonging in and across multiple scales and as part of their negotiation of their social and cultural identities as migrants and as children/young people. It argues that assumptions that different groups of migrant children and young people do or do not 'belong' in Ireland are simplistic and misleading. The chapter suggests that the lived realities of migrant children and young people in Ireland reveal more multifaceted, complex, sometimes paradoxical senses of belonging to local and transnational communities and de-territorialized groups of people. Global consumer culture can provide a powerful point of connection between children and young people with apparently different cultural backgrounds, placing them within shared frames of reference and facilitating senses of belonging with peers.

in Migrations