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Deneuve as fashion icon

Profiles of Catherine Deneuve in film magazines such as Les Inrockuptibles and Première praise her adaptability, as they enumerate the many directors and co-stars she has worked with. In contrast, Deneuve's fashion persona is overwhelmingly identified with Yves Saint Laurent, with articles tracing the way she has worn his clothes throughout her life, such as In Style featuring her wearing Saint Laurent clothing to the Oscars in 1993 or while arriving in the south of France in 1968 to begin filming La Sirene du Mississippi/Mississippi Mermaid. This chapter is especially interested then in why it is that while Deneuve's cinematic star persona is noticeable for its flexibility, her fashion icon persona remains remarkably consistent, a play on words that recounts her most famous film role and turns it into a celebration of her beauty and longevity outside of that filmic sphere.

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