Abstract only
Austerity and the community sector in the Republic of Ireland
John Bissett

The Community Development Project (CDP) in North Clondalkin was a part of what has become known in Ireland as the 'community sector'. An Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) report presents the broad contours of this sector in Ireland and describes 'the impact of the financial crisis on community and voluntary organisations: their services and clients, employment and role'. The ICTU document focuses very much on the economic onslaught on the community sector as a productive utilitarian entity. The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope is a broad alliance of community and youth organisations which has its roots in working-class and Traveller communities in the city of Dublin. At a large meeting in Dublin's city centre, participants argued that 'defiance' and 'hope' expressed two themes that were, for them, at the heart of the struggle against the forceful imposition of austerity and its potential transcendence.

in Ireland under austerity