Julia Round

This chapter uses Gothic and psychogeographic theory to examine the construction of Alan Moore's novel Voice of the Fire. It thus links Voice's bodily symbols to the Gothic trope of abjection and relates its circular structure to the Ouroboros and the pattern of birth and life. The chapter discusses the role of hallucination in constructing Voice's haunted chronology and relates this to the Gothic questioning of perception and authenticity. It argues that Moore makes exceptional use of the prose medium in this way to quite literally embody the spirit(s) of Northampton. Moore explores the linguistic construction of reality by tracing the continual adaptation and reinterpretation of events. By layering stories and using the tropes and symbols of abjection and bodily and sexual metaphor, Moore brings forth an image of the land as haunted body. The Voice of the Fire is portrayed as the medium through which its tales are told.

in Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition