Errors in early Carolingian copies of the Admonitio generalis
Marco Mostert

This chapter considers the 'errors' or 'variant readings' in the early Carolingian copies of the Admonitio generalis. In 789, 23 March, the day the Admonitio was promulgated, was a Monday, and quite possibly on that very day a coordinated effort was made to make copies for distribution in Charlemagne's realms by the missi. Probably this was done by dictation, as is suggested by the no-fewer-than-seven independent strands in the tradition of the text that can be traced back to the end of the eighth century. These strands stand for independently made copies after the dictation of the authentic edictum that had been promulgated that day. The early copies of the Admonitio are written by experienced scribes, who wrote clear hands. These scribes have to be looked for among the elite of their monasteries' scriptoria.

in Religious Franks