Tourism, transnational romance and anxieties of authenticity
Mariana Johnson

This chapter aims to bring this kind of relational, transnational lens to one facet of contemporary Spanish cinema. It moves away from national cinema and auteur models to analyse the relationship between tourism and representation in Spanish-Cuban co-productions. The chapter expands the purview of what typically falls under the heading of Spanish cinema by looking at recent Spanish films set in Cuba, or that represent Cuban immigrants in Spain. Even the most culturally nuanced and politically sensitive of these films reveal a lingering romanticisation of cultural purity in an age of instant commodification. The chapter provides an overview of these trends, analysing Spanish-Cuban co-productions made on both sides of the Atlantic, specifically drawing attention to the ways in which mobile capital is mediating representations of transnational romance. There are plenty of reasons why Cuban national film finds itself in a state of crisis.

in Contemporary Spanish cinema and genre