This chapter seeks to contribute with theoretical and empirical reflections on the recent phenomenon of biblical telenovelas produced in Brazil. Since the consolidation of television in the 1960s telenovelas have become the main cultural product in Brazil and Latin America – especially those from Globo Corporation, which attract all the prime-time audience. But during recent years another channel, Record TV, has been receiving some attention for trying a different strategy in producing biblical telenovelas. Since 2010, Record TV has produced telenovelas and series focused on biblical narratives to attract a new audience. Within that context we aim to analyse these narratives in relation to: (1) the focus on a niche audience; (2) the fact that the network Record is owned by representatives from the ‘Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’; (3) the rise of a more conservative audience; and (4) the biblical narrative as a rising genre.

in The Bible onscreen in the new millennium