Royal tours of ‘Africa Italiana’ under fascism

This chapter develops a new perspective on the perennial question of how far Victor Emmanuel's imperial throne lay behind the Duce's authoritarian power. Background on the king's appointment of Mussolini is essential to both grasping the ambiguities of the political relationship and considering the significance of royal pageantry within a fascist regime. Reconstruction of the tours can then focus on the way they were represented to the Italian public. Few historians would disagree with Alessandro Pes's claim that the regime's propaganda represented 'Africa Italiana' as a fascist achievement. Indeed, all royal tours of Italian foreign possessions took place within the fascist period. The first, to Tripolitania, took place in 1928. This was followed by journeys to Eritrea in 1932, Cirenaica in 1933, Somalia in 1934, and finally, as emperor, to Libya again in 1938.

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