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The Labour Party and the new crisis of capitalism

From its origins as a revolutionary political movement in continental Europe, social democracy has gradually become a force integrated within the capitalist order. It will be tempting to assess the extent to which the 2008 crisis has forced the Labour Party to rethink its more recent pro-market philosophy and policies. In order to achieve this, this chapter attempts to understand the impact of the new major 'crisis of capitalism' on the British economy, the third one since the beginning of the twentieth century. It then examines how the Gordon Brown government tackled the crisis from 2008 onward. Finally, the chapter discusses the extent to which Ed Miliband, the New Labour leader, is committed to breaking away from 'There is no alternative' (TINA). In terms of policy objectives, an element of the old Labour 'ethos', which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown accepted, was endured.

in European social democracy during the global economic crisis