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An anthology dedicated to the works of John Harris

From Reason to Practice in Bioethics: An Anthology Dedicated to the Works of John Harris brings together original contributions from some of the world’s leading scholars in the field of bioethics. With a particular focus on, and critical engagement with, the influential work of Professor John Harris, the book provides a detailed exploration of some of the most interesting and challenging philosophical and practical questions raised in bioethics. The book’s broad range of chapters make it a useful resource for students, scholars, and practitioners interested in the field of bioethics, and the relationship between philosophical and practical ethics. The range of contributors and topics afford the book a wide international interest.

John Coggon
Sarah Chan
Søren Holm
, and
Thomasine Kushner

This chapter introduces the general themes of and rationale for the book. It explains the importance and scope of the field of bioethics, and of the scholarship of Professor John Harris within that field. It explains how the book’s focus is both on theoretical questions in moral philosophy, and practical questions in policy, health, and science. The chapter also offers an overview of the contents of the book.

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