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Paving the path for a new identity
Christine Agius

policies diluted the welfare state in the USA and benefits were provided by the employer, not the government. Similarly, in the UK, Thatcher’s efforts to restore market discipline were coupled with a strong anti-welfare state proclivity. Furthermore, under Thatcherism, the market was the only solution – summed up neatly in the catchphrase ‘ there is no alternative’ . France pursued a state-led response

in The social construction of Swedish neutrality
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The psychogeography of sectarianism in Northern Irish photography
George Legg

statements, moreover, we are given access to what has subsequently become late-­capitalism’s mantra, the misguided belief ­that – ­as Margaret Thatcher so famously put it – ‘there is no alternative’.68 But in suggesting that vision is colonised by boredom, Bate is also returning us to that loaded term deployed in both Feldman’s definition of sectarian space and Debord’s conception of the capitalist spectacle: ‘Crowd violence colonized and inscribed anomalous social space with sectarian codes’;69 the 102 Northern Ireland and the politics of boredom spectacle ­succeeds

in Northern Ireland and the politics of boredom
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Alternatives to government formation
Timothy Noël Peacock

independent socialists, as well as potential Labour rebels, there being significant lines of division between these groups. There have been cases in the past of so-called ‘rainbow coalitions’ formed in other countries which incorporated counterintuitive groupings of parties across the political spectrum. However, these instances tend to occur only when there is no alternative, and rely to some degree on the different parties accepting certain pre-existing norms of coalition in their domestic political culture. Britain’s experience of such unity governments has, up until

in The British tradition of minority government
The logics of ‘hitting the bottom’
Gunther Teubner

phenomenon of ‘capillary power’, achieved through progress in scientific disciplines and dependent on technology. This capillary power permeates the social body through to its very microstructures. 28 Nobody knows how such a capillary constitutionalisation could be achieved in concrete terms. Ex ante prognoses are, as a matter of principle, impossible. And, for that reason, there is no alternative but to

in Critical theory and legal autopoiesis
An interview with Sean O hUiginn
Graham Spencer

situations are unhappy in their own way. You can deduce some basic maxims that apply to all situations, but only on a level of generality that is not of great practical value. Tony Blair’s autobiography has a chapter which makes a valiant effort to list them. In practice there is no alternative to exploring all the quirks and dimensions of the individual conflict and designing a solution that is tailored to measure. We did do studies of other conflicts which might have lessons for Northern Ireland, but found Tolstoy’s rule also

in Inside Accounts, Volume I
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A threadbare democracy
Robert Chernomas, Ian Hudson and Mark Hudson

defining the limits of the possible. The endless stream of messaging from state-based and national think tanks, rhetorically deploying the virtues of the market and a mythical narrative of individual self-sufficiency and hard work as the ticket to success in America, has done much to accomplish the latter of these goals. Combined with the justification of an amorphous “globalization” that put strict limits on the manoeuverability of governments, neoliberals effectively enforced the idea that there is no alternative. The former—influencing the policy process, rather than

in Neoliberal lives
Marcel Stoetzle

guiding powers in the South to-day the conditions indicated would be fairly well fulfilled. (119) Du Bois’s argument is: if only ‘the best’ (educated) among the whites were ruling the South, then he would welcome a patrimonial, educational regime that would ameliorate the blacks and guide them to bourgeois maturity. ‘The best’ are not in charge, however, and therefore there is no alternative to black self-emancipation: in any land, in any country under modern free competition, to lay any class of weak and despised people, be they white, black, or blue

in Beginning classical social theory
Khaled Abou El Fadl

the experience through Muslim eyes is to consider the number of Muslims who have been killed or injured or made into refugees in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as a direct result of Western policies in Algeria, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries. The calculation must be made in the millions. There is no alternative to developing human rights cultures through a cumulative process of education and internally generated pressure. Every society has its own

in ‘War on terror’
Class, gender and the licensing of transgression
Will Jackson

were liable to remain barred from reprieve. ‘It follows’, wrote the Commissioner, ‘that a point is reached in the career of the known wastrel when he or she is refused all further help and there is no alternative but a vagrancy charge. In the meantime he or she may resort to ‘nefarious business’. With a criminal conviction, moreover, an individual was unlikely to gain further employment. ‘Idleness in

in Madness and marginality
Brian Lewis

a widespread intellectual disdain for the common people’s reasoning power. ‘Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’ Advertising agencies, just as much as political parties, perform an essential service: they narrow our choices by attempting to capture our minds for some idea, policy or commodity. This open competition for hearts and minds is preferable to committees of wise men making decisions for us. In a democratic society there is no alternative. Universal

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