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The politics of everyday life
Cillian McGrattan and Elizabeth Meehan

and hatred flourishes. (Yehuda Paz, quoted in Staunton, 2010 : 2) The 1998 Belfast Agreement – also commonly known as the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) or Multi-Party Agreement (MPA) – was heralded as a ‘new beginning’, an agreement that would end decades of political instability and sectarian violence. A strengthened equality

in Everyday life after the Irish conflict
Towards a re-thinking of legal justice in transitional justice contexts
María del Rosario Acosta López

the violence of the law. So, on the one hand, such a philosophical critique has 80 80 Responses had as its main task a conceptual analysis that can effectively make visible the violent structures that lie at the ground not only of specific political and historical forms of the law as right, but moreover, of the law as a concept, that is, of the very form of the law. On the other hand, by bringing these structures to light and, more importantly, by making them intelligible, such an inquiry seeks to produce alternative modes of resistance to the law, showing the

in Law and violence
Josefina A. Echavarria

idea of national security, to contemporary conceptions of comprehensive and human security incorporating virtually every aspect of the political, social, environmental and cultural dimensions. Answering the question of what constitutes security is inextricably linked to insecurity, or to what security is not. Attempts to solve this paradox have been at the centre of attention of a large group of scholars

in In/security in Colombia
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Ian McEwan’s The Children Act and the limits of the legal practices in Menke’s ‘Law and violence’
Ben Morgan

implausible account of how human life functioned before the advent of human societies. At this point in my argument, I  want only to set out the conundrum with which Menke is faced as he tries to respect the law but simultaneously to elude its clutches. For if the very form of our identity is produced within the constraining framework of the law, then Menke’s hope that the political arena will stand outside legal institutions to dictate their shape 139 Law in action 139 seems bound to be disappointed. The people trying to change things will already be shaped through and

in Law and violence
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The conditioned human
Elke Schwarz

Introduction: The conditioned human Neither violence nor power is a natural phenomenon, that is, a manifestation of the life process; they belong to the political realm of human affairs whose essentially human quality is guaranteed by man's faculty of action, the ability to begin something new. And I think it can be shown that no other human ability has suffered to such an extent from the

in Death machines
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Alexander García Düttmann

bound to terrify its subjects, to say that the law is political and ideological, to say that autonomy is subverted by sovereignty, is to say that it has begun to loosen its reins, to renounce total internalization and self-​identification, and to abandon itself to an adventure of depoliticization and non-​participation, to the “non-​legal forces of ‘distraction’ –​of obliviousness, refusal, and incapacity” (p. 55), to the forces and insights of art. In short, the production of autonomy is the production of an outside of autonomy inside of autonomy. It is the

in Law and violence
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Boyka Stefanova

substantive dimensions of the Europeanisation of conflict resolution and on the link between the European perspective on conflict resolution and conventional processes of international mediation. The core of the substantive hypothesis posits the necessary presence of a European space, the nature of EU governance effects – that they are not automatic but purposeful (the product of political action), and the

in The Europeanisation of conflict resolution
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Ethics beyond technics
Elke Schwarz

Coda: Ethics beyond technics The voice of individual moral conscience is best heard in the tumult of political and social discord Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust (2012: 166) In this book I have explored how the techno-biopolitical entanglement of our present shapes our adjustment to violence as a political solution, impacts

in Death machines
Peter Shirlow, Jonathan Tonge, James McAuley and Catherine McGlynn

) This chapter explores post-conflict attitudes and behaviour of those former non-state combatants who have engaged in broader formations of social and political reconciliation and transformation through various post-prison and community initiatives. In so doing it examines how the influx of former prisoners into organisations such as Sinn Féin, the PUP and the UPRG has reshaped the political thinking of

in Abandoning historical conflict?
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Bridge or barrier?
Bill Park

of Ankara to fully implement these changes. Furthermore, Turkey’s Kemalist establishment, although traditionally seeking Turkey’s ‘Westernisation’, remains jealous of the country’s sovereignty and of its somewhat authoritarian and incompletely democratic political culture and institutions. Even out of elected office, this state establishment possesses formidable scope to obstruct the elected

in The security dimensions of EU enlargement