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James Whidden

offered to Englishmen on more than one occasion.’ 70 The Church During a conversation in the summer of 1906 between the archbishop of the Church of England, Randall Davidson, and Lord Cromer, the latter argued that proselytising missionary work in Egypt had to be avoided. While Cromer supported the educational services of the Church and its missionary arm, the Church Missionary

in Egypt
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The localisation of British activity in China
Robert Bickers

Jessie Gregory Lutz, Chinese Politics and Christian Missions: The Anti-Christian Movements of 1920–28 (Notre Dame IN, 1988 ). 100 CCYB 1929 , 252–3. 101 Gordon Hewitt, The Problems of Success: A History of the Church Missionary Society

in Britain in China
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Laughing at Livingstone?
Justin D. Livingstone

Wright Rampley, Matthew Wellington: Sole Surviving Link with Dr. Livingstone (London: SPCK, 1930); and ‘The History of Carus Farrar of Finding Dr. Livingstone in Central Africa’, which was discovered in the archives of the Church Missionary Society in London. The latter was published in H.B. Thomas, ‘The Death of Dr. Livingstone: Carus Farrar’s Narrative’, The Uganda

in Livingstone’s ‘Lives’