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-East Asia to a French audience. 9 By his early teens, Kassovitz was a devoted subscriber to the French horror and fantasy film magazine Mad Movies , exhibiting the excessive (obsessive) passions of a cult cinema enthusiast: writing fake reviews and creating fanzines for his favourite films and directors; visiting the same Parisian cinema to watch repeated screenings of American Graffti (Lucas 1973) every Saturday for

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Dissos and dissenters
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Internationalist and reflected a broadening of interests of many on the left in Ireland. It also incorporated elements of popular culture which reflected the experience of some of the writers in the football and music fanzine movements.57 Football, in particular, has been a recurring subject of the magazine. Although it had small print runs of 5,000 or fewer, its distribution in the large high street newsagent Eason’s in Ireland and political bookshops in Britain developed its profile and standing.58 Although the party failed to add to its two councillors in the Republic of

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From Gary Snyder to Nick Drake
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can cohere into a highly emotional, charged whole. In an interview with the Irish fanzine Into The Music, [the musician] David Hayes declares that Van is the only person he has met in the music business who ‘if all the elements are right and everything is in place, can take the music into a totally different realm, where you kind of melt into it.’ … Like any true poet, Van functions as a kind of shaman or high priest, heightening our senses.92 The Beat-inspired mode of performance is a means to the beatific vision. Again, if it is thought to be shamanic, we cannot

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films, and a flood of merchandise. Large and dedicated fan clubs from Australia to Germany continue to publish fanzines, hold conventions, and organise tours through the Highlands.125 A remake of the original movie is in production.126 The fan-­authored Encyclopedia of Fantasy agrees that Highlander is still ‘widely castigated as incoherent, illogical and unresolved’ but insists that these negatives are ‘unimportant in the context of this cult movie’s undoubted power and glamour; its frenetic glitz complements and enhances the sense of magic’.127 Highlander made use

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The body after conceptualism
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Looked At, 293. Also see Kosuth, “Art after Philosophy,” 136. For a view on the contribution of writers to art that uses Dan Graham’s Schema (1968) as a paradigmatic example, see Alexander Alberro, “Reductivism in Reverse,” in Tracing Cultures: Art History, Criticism, Critical Fictions (New York: Whitney Museum of American Art: 1994), 7–24. 59 For the interaction of a mail-art scene with underground music, fanzines, and other subcultural phenomena see C. Ondine Chavoya, “Art and Life: Dreva/Gronk,” and “Ray Johnson and Asco: Correspondence,” in Asco: Elite of the

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American Gothic television in the 1960s
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), The Turn of the Screw (United/Martin Pope/WGBH Boston, 1999), The Haunting of Helen Walker (Norman Rosemont Productions, 1997). 9 Benshoff contacted fans through fanzines, initiating correspondence and sending out questionnaires, as well as analysing fan fiction (both literary and

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Davies, C., ‘Ethnic jokes, moral values and social boundaries’, British Journal of Sociology , 33 (1982). 40 The audience is also invited to identify with the star-struck nature of this character, something that was encouraged by the proliferation of fanzines and cinema magazines. 41 As in the

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one: they identify with characters in fanzines, advertisements, and movies, modeling their expectations and behavior accordingly. As the most insistent purveyors of such models, the visual media are targeted relentlessly. At every turn, the ambient culture proclaims what Tavernier calls the ‘dictature de l’argent’ ( L’Appât press pamphlet). 5 Young people pursue fantasy ambitions by means of cartoon strategies adopted wholesale from simplistic entertainments. As a result, their actions are a patchwork of clichés, in a world full of

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