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Repeal, 1840–45
Christine Kinealy

war, but above all civil war, yet there is no alternative which I do not think preferable to the dismemberment of this empire.121 This proclamation angered Repealers but was welcomed by conservatives in Ireland.122 For O’Connell, it amounted to a challenge to his political leadership, especially if Peel was willing to match his words with action.123 O’Connell responded with even more inflammatory language. Speaking in Mallow on 11 June 1843, he told his followers, ‘The time is coming when we must be doing. You may have the alternative to live as slaves or die as

in Repeal and revolution
Alison Smith

admired, it is possible that the director intended the audience to read the one with reference and comparison to the other. However, here there is no alternative form of activism, and no conflict of generations. Costa-Gavras noted, at the time of Z , the existence of other events to which the film might be seen to refer: there had been no lack of political assassinations in the recent past – along with Kennedy and Martin Luther King he did indeed evoke the Ben Barka affair (Costa-Gavras et al. 1969 : 8), but only to dismiss it

in French cinema in the 1970s
Leslie C. Green

. Sun Tzu maintained 6 that in war one should attack the enemy armies. And ‘the worst policy is to attack cities. Attack cities only when there is no alternative.’ In ancient India the sacred writings sought to introduce some measure of humanitarianism. The Mahabharata 7 stated that ‘a king should never do such an injury to a foe as would rankle the latter’s heart’, and

in The contemporary law of armed conflict
On mediated unity and overarching legal-political form
Darrow Schecter

understood and instituted. It might be possible to endow social systems with partial constitutions enabling them better to co-​ordinate their respective operations.29 48 Critical theory and sociological theory This kind of de-​centralised planning would surely yield a model of differenti­ ation that is qualitatively distinct from the current ones promulgated through austerity, imposed as privatisation, and defended on the grounds that ‘there is no alternative’. These policies are patently not conducive to investment, growth, political stability, or efficient use of

in Critical theory and sociological theory
Feeding daughters in the works of Mary Wollstonecraft
Sarah Moss

to morality and threaten the mind’s control of the body. In this account, eating is to gluttony as recreational drug use is to addiction, except that there is no alternative to eating and any attempt to eat less than a ‘rational’ quantity is also sinful. The requirements to eat enough and not to eat too much are similarly inexorable and at the same time as problematising appetite, she presents ‘prudent’ and ‘reasonable’ consumption as self-evident. The limits of Mary’s ‘share’ of pie are obvious to Mary as the line between debility and excess is obvious to the

in Spilling the beans
Mark Webber

] minimise the potential risks and damage to Russia’s […] interests and, second, to find here advantages for ourselves and turn them to good account. Here […] there is no alternative approach but to build up equal cooperation with the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 35 Europe

in Inclusion, exclusion and the governance of European Security
Martin J. McCleery

ensure that essential services in the town continue.’ In February, a Vanguard rally was held near Newry, which was attended by several thousand people, the main speaker was William Craig. They pledged themselves ‘to assert our right to take whatever action we consider best to preserve majority rule in Ulster, such action to include, if there is no alternative, the establishment of an independent British Ulster’. The Vanguard movement advocated a semi-independent Northern Ireland and had been formed just prior to the imposition of direct rule. However, it seems that the

in Operation Demetrius and its aftermath
An introduction to the book
Colin Coulter

manoeuvre. If Ireland were to navigate the crisis successfully, it was insisted, people would have to face up to the new realities, to accept that ‘we are where we are’. Once this had happened, the general public would realise that austerity measures were simply unavoidable if the country were to avoid an even greater catastrophe. MUP_CoulterNagle_Printer3.indd 12 24/04/2015 16:36 An introduction to the book 13 If it were not for its unfortunate Thatcherite connotations, we would almost certainly have heard Irish politicians issue the phrase ‘there is no alternative

in Ireland under austerity
Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave

benefit to DE and some slight medical risk. In A NHS Trust v DE the judge’s view of best interests accorded with the views of DE (as far as he was able to express them) and his family, however, there are occasions when a court rightly concludes that there is no alternative to treatment that the patient or family seeks to reject. A patient with learning disabilities and cancer of the womb initially agreed to a hysterectomy, but failed to (and then refused to) keep further appointments. The Court of Protection agreed that surgery was in her best interests, and that

in Medicine, patients and the law (sixth edition)
Five minutes to midnight and All’s Well
Richard Hillman

grace)]’ (1999, p. 159), who, while staying in the household of her sister, married to the Seigneur de Balançon, was courted by the latter’s brother, the Marquis de Varambon, who wished to marry her. His brother, however, was determined that he should go into the Church, and so the girl’s mother removed her from the situation. Marguerite relates the sequel – and there is no alternative to

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