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constructed image that shields him from those around him and promotes a false, comforting identity. This image fits the plush hollowness of the limo in which he and manager Lou Rosen (David Hyde Pierce, pre- Frasier , but Niles Crane-like) travel to the audition for On The Radio , a sitcom about a radio personality that he hopes will transform him from mere radio celebrity to a television star. For the

in Terry Gilliam

there is an open ending. It is plausible to believe that Sam’s identity has simply been eradicated at the end of the film, and that Brazil charts the impossibility of rebellion. Gilliam’s sense that audiences must construct their own readings allows for this possibility, as well as others. Gilliam began work in the late 1970s on what initially was called The Ministry of

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The French Revolution, the past and Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest (1791)

featuring contested feudal social orders, historiographically repressed groups or individuals and entranced with the nature of historical knowledge, it is not difficult to see how the Gothic became synonymous with the French Revolution in this period. As Paulson highlights, the Gothic and the French Revolution had a number of affinities: both were informed by a zeal for reform and yet, at the same time

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not a charismatic text. 15 The doubling motif is far more clearly central to this later novel, whose narrator is a rather lonely, retiring academic, John, who teaches French history. While holidaying in Le Mans he encounters his exact physical double, Jean de Gué, who gets him drunk and steals his identity, leaving the bewildered John to take up his double’s own position

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katabasis and The Tempest

down into the underworld he seems to have had his predecessor’s example in mind as there are several parallels between the experiences of Odysseus and Aeneas. 9 Both hear prophecies of the future. Both have similarly frustrating meetings with shades who refuse to acknowledge them; Odysseus with Ajax (whom he beat in a contest for Achilles’s armour) and Aeneas, more

in A familiar compound ghost