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Applying a theory of multi-level governance

number of successes including the political and economic stabilisation of the European continent, the enlargement of the EU from six to twenty-eight member states, and the creation of the Euro. However, the EU has also weathered political and economic storms. The most serious related to the global economic crisis post 2007 which threatened to fatally undermine the stability of the Eurozone area. External challenges – including conflict on the borders of the EU, particularly in the Ukraine and Turkey, and inward migration from war-torn parts of Africa and the Middle

in Theories of International Relations and Northern Ireland
The logics underpining EU enlargement

leaders rejected the idea of Turkish membership largely on cultural grounds (Buzan and Diez 1997 : 45). As Buzan and Diez also note (p. 43), fears of large-scale waves of migration from Turkey into the EU (most particularly, into Germany) have also been high on the list of concerns of the effects of Turkish membership. 9 This is particularly contentious because

in Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy
Hungarian Jewry and the wartime Jewish refugee crisis in Austria- Hungary

said; they lived off aid, engaged in profiteering and dishonest business practices, and shirked military duty. Government officials, politicians, newspaper columnists and ordinary members of the public engaged in variations on these themes, arguing for refugee removal and repatriation. As anti-Jewish feeling proliferated throughout the war, the customary complaints about the refugees spread to the Jewish population as a whole.7 Studies of the wartime Jewish refugee crisis in Austria-Hungary have typically focused on refugee migration into major centres further

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The long ordeal of Balkan Muslims, 1912-34

massacres perpetrated on the civil population – the first of their kind in twentieth-century warfare – inflicted wounds far deeper than the defeat itself.22 The British consul in Salonika witnessed the process of forced migration and reported as follows: The result of the massacre of Muslims at the beginning of the war, of the looting of their goods in the ensuing months, of the settling of Christians in their villages, of their persecution by Christian neighbours, of their torture and beating by Greek troops, has been the creation of a state of terror among the Islamic

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, see 5 Full list of keywords includes also Council of European Union, European Council, European Court of Justice / ECJ and European Parliament / EP. 6 The migration crisis started getting serious only later in June 2015. References Anholt, Simon. (2005). Brand New Justice: How Branding Places and Products Can Help the Developing World. Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann Press. Brooks, Stephen. (2015). Anti-Americanism and the Limits of Public Diplomacy: Winning Hearts and Minds? London: Routledge Press

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A comparative case study of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

consider the real-world implications of securitisation: what kinds of programme are actually promoted within the discourse, specifically in Africa? Africa is a region of strategic importance to the UK ( ibid .: 14). Violence, conflict, instability and extremism in the continent are identified as the root causes of unprecedented migration flows to Europe ( ibid .: 7, 13). According to the policy discourse, reducing conflict and instability in Africa requires two types of development intervention. The first seeks to encourage the development of democratic, inclusive

in Britain and Africa in the twenty-first century
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rather spills over into other aspects of social identity, such as religion, occupation, or geographic location, which are part of multiple and overlapping individual and group networks. Although externally imposed perceptions of African identity, colonial policies, and labor migration patterns nurtured the rise of modern-day ethnicity, it now has a distinctly African character that is just as much shaped by internal forces as the outside world. As a modern concept ethnicity fulfills several important roles and functions, such as serving basic individual needs

in African security in the twenty-first century
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Thinking about America in the world over the longer run

to his conviction that the English-​ speaking peoples constituted a single race, which was a critical category in his political thinking. However, Carnegie never specified in detail the form of polity he proposed. Moreover, always happy to be identified as a ‘dreamer’, he was no ordinary follower of fashion. He viewed migration positively, opposed the Spanish–​American War and wished to see Canada incorporated into the United States. Equally and perhaps more predictably for an industrialist, he placed great importance on the new technologies that were effectively

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(Lyon, 2009:30–8). In fact, the Jewish–Palestinian division is foundational to Zionism. Racialized boundaries are engrained in the idea of establishing a homeland for European Jews through migration and political and military domination of a country overwhelmingly populated by indigenous Arabs. While the history and implications of the struggle over Palestine have been the subject of much scholarly research, this chapter attends to the particular way in which the separation between Jews and Palestinians was reinforced during the first two decades of the establishment

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Andrew Williams

86 Failed imagination? quasi-federal union of Canada and the United States, with a common monetary policy, moderately controlled migration policies and nearly free trade) the importance of democracy and the ‘rule of law’. Dulles claimed that what had made America great was its ability to give ‘opportunity to those who are ambitious and energetic, and we do so largely at the expense of those who have lost such qualities’, those he deemed ‘the status quo’, which clearly included the British. For Dulles, what had to be created was an alternative to war as an

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