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Metrosexuality and The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
Geraldine Harris

art aesthetic, embracing on the way retro styles such as 1950s chintzy, 1970s Afrocentric, 1980s new romantic/punk/gothic, 1990s ‘new age’ and a sort of Barberalla (1968) meets Mad Max (1979) futuristic style. This is all rendered in dazzling technicolour and lighting includes a striking use of UVA. A large number of sequences are also shot through different coloured filters, which wash scenes in primary tints. The visual style, then, places the emphasis on high design, fantasy, pleasure and overt display and, as with Queer as Folk, all this suggests a certain level

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Scott Wilson

, the people left unrecognised by the state, or for whom recognition by the state is derisory, live in the places devastated, in the 1980s, by the effects of Reaganomics: deindustrialisation, market liberalisation, drug-trafficking, gang warfare and white flight. Only in the ‘hoods and the ghettos, it seems, does the struggle for the recognition of pure prestige that defines humanity as such persist: ‘Straight outta Compton, another crazy ass nigga / More punks I smoke, yo, my rep gets bigger’ (NWA, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, 1988). No doubt Fukuyama is being ironic

in Great Satan’s rage
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Scott Wilson

in various ways hinting at the overexposure of childhood, the evacuation of all excitement from the sanitised malls and desolate towns that provide the general background from which the music irrupts. Nu metal, as a kind of white hip-hop, differs from traditional heavy metal not just because its lyrics are frequently rapped rather than sung, or because drum machines, samples and scratching are added to the power chords, but also because elements of funk, punk and 112 Great Satan’s rage industrial are included in the mix. Further, ‘nu skool’ metal replaces the

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Abbott as writer, producer and creator
Beth Johnson

I was doing it from 15. I was a punk with green hair and I had docs and a razor blade round my neck and I’d go to the Burnley Writers’ Circle which was full of 60– and 70–year-old women writing for the People’s Friend. I knew exactly what to get from it and it was an absolutely intractable compulsion to become a writer and I didn’t even know that the job existed. In essence, Abbott became a writer ‘behind his own back’. Very quickly, his writing abilities were promoted and he was put up for a storyline editor job (a member of the team who edits stories to ensure

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The transnational and transgeneric initiative of La Zanfoña Producciones
Josetxo Cerdán and Miguel Fernández Labayen

closer to video art compositions than to narrative cinema. This third and final strand is somehow anomalous to the Spanish film industry. Mixing a punk, ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy with the neat fashionable composition of video art, Cinexín is an interesting struggle to overcome the rigid patterns of narrative applied to what could be called the short-film comedy. The success of the collective film led

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Peter Marks

had been distributor for the definitive punk rock film, Julian Temple’s The Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle (1979), before moving into production on polished works such as Another Country (1984) and 1984 (1984). But its co-financing with Goldcrest of Temple’s disappointing Absolute Beginners (1986) stifled its longer-term interest in film financing. Palace moved from

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Mandy Merck

(Showtime, 2007–10) with a loose pretext for a dramatic update in screen persona, exchanging the ageing fatty in the feathered hat for a punk potentate with pectorals. Chronicling the long history of Henry films, Basil Glynn charts the international appeal of an English monarch impervious to the English virtue of ‘fair play’. The Tudors ’ abiding allure of murder and multiple marriages, as enacted by a multi-national cast against

in The British monarchy on screen
Britain’s ‘bad blonde’
Andrew Roberts

damehood would not have been implausible. 25 But it was not so much the screen adaptation of Nell Dunn’s play that served as the finest moment of the twilight of her career but her fairy godmother in the video for Adam and the Ants’s ‘Prince Charming’. There are far worse epitaphs than a 1950s icon appearing with a punk/new-wave star (and one who owed a considerable stylistic debt to Johnny Kidd and the Pirates), providing him with a new wardrobe and a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster – and it further encapsulated her idiosyncratic appeal. She was not the British Marilyn

in Idols of the Odeons
Trish Winter and Simon Keegan-Phipps

, represents a rather more explicitly preconceived ‘concept’ hybrid, fusing as it does English folk dance tunes and melodeon with metalcore (a subgenre combining heavy metal and hardcore punk). The band builds its sound around heavily distorted guitar and rapid, double-pedalled bass drum; band members wear full face paint, punk hairstyles and black clothing; and staging usually includes high-contrast lighting and dry ice. The extent to which the alternative genre (metalcore) is embraced and meticulously recreated on stage (as well as the incongruity of such a sound with folk

in Performing Englishness
Popular genre film in post-Franco Spain
Barry Jordan and Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas

, fashion, identity politics, drug cultures, etc. Against a background of a resurgence in regionalist politics and a recognition of the diversity of languages and cultures in Spain, the famous Movida occurring among Madrid’s marginal groups began to develop. As noted elsewhere, a new pop culture, unsupported by government institutions with its roots in 1960s New York underground and 1970s punk, hit the

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