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Economic background and political rationales

Rukin and his assistant, and about ten natives. The version of the event given by Nazir Khoja Ishan while he was interrogated stressed that the meeting with the Imperial authorities was meant to be “quiet and deliberative”. In the aftermath of the murders, some of the protesters headed to the new city for looting, while some of the others headed towards the train station; the native employees of the railways joined them. As a result, telegraph lines, bridges, and the railway between the stations of Jizzakh and Obruchevo were destroyed, while Lomakino train station was

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Savage vibrations in ghost stories and D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo

eardrum and awake sympathetic resonance in the house. After seeing the picture-like view from the railway carriage, the two travellers arrive at the station and make their way by road to the house, where sound begins to take on its important role, as they hear ‘the eternal voice of the Cornish coast; the endlessly recurring thud and surge of the waves against the cliffs of Trevarthen’. 24 At night the sound of

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Maddin’s My Winnipeg (2007) – to mention but a few landmark titles. Thus it is no coincidence that the last sequence of Neil Burger’s film, which does not correspond to anything in the original literary material, takes place in a railway station. Chief Inspector Uhl, who suspects he has been tricked by Eisenheim, stands on a platform as the train, in which the Illusionist is

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Race, imperialism and the historic city

appears to mourn the ‘sad, sad story’ of York’s fall from glory yet clearly enjoys this ‘quiet, sleepy’ city. 20 There is no mention of the significance of the railway industry in York, with its grand station, or indeed of the chocolate industry itself, either of which could have offered an alternative narrative of modern prosperity. The local focus of the works’ magazine continued

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. Yet, bearing in mind that most provincial capitals and their corresponding hill stations were at that time presided over by Irish lieut.-governors, among them the dominant figure of Antony MacDonnell, besides the fact that Irishmen were commanders-in-chief for most of that decade and were resident at Simla for much of the summer along with the heads of the PWD, the IMS and the

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Assessing European health, spaces and mobilities in South-Central Africa, c.1859–c.1940

that the river route was the healthiest way to reach the Lake and that it had to be secured for Britain and British interests. 23 In November 1890 O’Neill's successor as consul of Mozambique, Harry Johnston, gave a presentation on ‘British Central Africa’ to the RGS. Johnston's exploratory journey from the coast to the lakes (Nyasa and Tanganyika), including visits to missions and ALC stations, had been

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[the former spelling] à Marseille, a project which MUP_Davies_Pereire_Printer.indd 207 12/08/2014 14:51 208 emile and isaac pereire would see the line extended further and a railway station constructed in the port city for passengers and freight, linking the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean at Bordeaux: a variation on Chevalier’s ‘Mediterranean system’. While the Pereires converted a number of departmental notables to the cause, Paulin Talabot opposed them vigorously, countering with a proposal to extend the PLM from Marseille to Sète. More importantly, the

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Radcliffe’s private deliberations

the population of ‘principal places’. The legend includes district, tehsil , village and assessment (taxation) boundaries, roads (metalled – that is, surfaced with broken stone – and unmetalled), canals, railway lines and stations, elevated ridges known as dhayas , and police headquarters and outposts. As with the other Survey of India maps discussed, this map portrays the land

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did not find what he said about the railways to be so, even though it was expressed in the same blunt and colourful language: This Government’s rail plan isn’t a recipe for efficiency, it’s a recipe for exploitation with the train operators given the green light to rob passengers blind to travel on overcrowded and unsafe trains in the name of private profit. Axing ticket offices and guards will turn stations and trains into a criminal’s paradise. For passengers it will mean the double scandal of being mugged by those who set the fares and then running the risk of

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little cared for the science of navigation. Embry recalls that even in England pilots used to ‘navigate’ by following a railway line. If they became lost it was not uncommon to fly low over a railway station and attempt to read its sign board, or even to land in a field and ask a farmer the way – it was clearly unwise to rely on such methods in wartime over Berlin or the Ruhr. 23 Wild animals provided one

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