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Coming to terms with the Spanish republican exile in France

country experienced a rapid influx of refugees of this magnitude; and never before had the French state responded to the call for asylum with mass internment. Admittedly, one can cite other occasions in the twentieth century when the French state placed refugees in camps during peacetime: the Armenians in the 1920s and the Harkis in the 1960s. But even so, in both cases the camps were conceived more as accommodation centres as opposed to places of internment. Neither before nor after have the French authorities and public – especially in the south-west of the country

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city came to be described as ‘little Africa’. A number of asylum-seeker accommodation centres had been located in the area. African and other immigrant businesses became prominent on Parnell Street and Moore Street.39 Within the DICP area a general pattern of immigrant clustering in comparatively disadvantaged electoral districts is discernible, particularly within the ten (of thirty-nine overall) DICP electoral districts classified as disadvantaged.40 Each of the ten has more than three times the national average of non-Irish nationals, with five times as many in

in Immigration and social cohesion in the Republic of Ireland

. Carolan, ‘Pegida's arrival a wake-up call for migration policy; national debate on migration and development of multicultural policies urgently needed’, Irish Times , 12 February 2016. 69 I. O’Doherty, ‘Remind me … who the fascists are again here?’, Sunday Independent , 13 February 2016. 70 Newsdesk, ‘We should see after our own first’ – Councillor protests against accommodation centre for asylum seekers’, Irish Independent , 16 December 2017. 71 A. Lucey, ‘Dozens protest

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and Seraphim and the Celestial Church of Christ. All of these churches owe their origins to faith movements in Africa and each creates and supports some form of a global ecumene for worshipers.7 However, it is difficult to capture a still image of Pentecostalism in Ireland: this is a fast-changing landscape plagued by financial difficulties and competition, and a year can prove to be a very long time. Some congregations meet in community centres, Gaelic Athletic Association clubs or schools; other congregations meet in local hotels or asylum accommodation centres. A

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EU policy entrepreneurship?

conditions: Material reception conditions, such as accommodation, food and clothing. Family unity. Medical and psychological care. Access to the education system for minor children and language courses. Lodgings in a house, accommodation centre or hotel. In all cases, applicants must have the possibility of communicating with legal advisers, NGOs and the UNHCR. Access to employment. The most heavily disputed

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Surveying women and the family

from his family, and Cathy eventually asks a friend to care for her eldest son after becoming concerned  24  family and community about his welfare. Finally, Cathy has her remaining two children taken away by social services. The play was inspired by a real-life experience. A neighbour of Sanford, the writer, had been evicted with her children from their home in Battersea and placed in Newington Lodge in Southwark, an accommodation centre for homeless families provided by the then London County Council.51 The story would have resonated with women around the

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Labour migration policy change in the UK

alleviate pressures from asylum seekers.27 Thus the ‘Blunkett equation’ – more ‘good’ immigration (economic migrants with skills that were needed in the economy) equals less ‘bad’ immigration (asylum seekers and irregular migrants). Inevitably, it was the measures regarding unwanted migration that made the headlines, particularly the proposals for accommodation centres for asylum seekers. Thus, the space for the new approach represented by ‘managed migration’ could be safeguarded by continuing to ‘talk tough’ about asylum seeking and those who ‘abuse the system’ (HMSO

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