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The Myatts Field North PFI horror show
Stuart Hodkinson

­ tion scheme was then put on hold again following the May 2010 election of the UK Coalition government and the onset of its austerity policies. The Coalition’s subsequent abolition of social housing grants saw £12.4 million removed that had been earmarked for Regenter’s promised 105 social rented homes. After SAH.indb 126 30/01/2019 12:44:54 The Myatts Field North PFI horror show 127 conducting a ‘value for money’ review of PFI schemes, in 2011 the Coalition then cut £15.8 million in PFI credits to £98.8 million. This £28.2 million funding gap in the overall

in Safe as houses
Bernadette Quinn

6 Lone parents, leisure mobilities and the everyday Bernadette Quinn Recent social and economic commentary on Ireland has tended to accentuate the extreme changes associated with the Celtic Tiger era. Stories of ostentatious consumption patterns dominated discursive narratives in popular, academic and policy forums. This was for good reason as trend data of all descriptions attested to startling transformations in people’s lifestyles and mobilities. To take just one example, data from the Census Statistics Office (CSO) (2007; 2008) show that foreign overnight

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